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  1. chiara

    Is Easylife Profito ok with Caridine?

    Hello everyone ! Has anybody ever used Easylife Profito to fertilize a tank with shrimps? I’ve read online different opinions about it because it contains a little copper (I think 0,003%). Is if safe for shrimps ? Anybody using it can please share their experience? I have red cherry, yellow...
  2. chiara

    Injured eye? Help!

    Hello I have purchased a single honey gourami for my guppy tank, it’s been only few weeks since and today I noticed one of his eyes looks injured! Feel so sorry for him and don’t know what to do! I attach here photos of the ‘weird eye’. He is eating normally however he spends a lot of time...
  3. chiara

    Cycling new tank help

    Hello everyone! I am cycling a new tank and don’t want to make a mistake, any advice is much appreciated ! so basically it’s my second tank, finally gave in (been thinking about it for a looong time) and set up a 5 gallons for a Betta. I’ve put in a couple of live plants and a couple of small...
  4. chiara

    My Guppy population is decimated, please help!

    Hello I have a 70 liters mature tank (had it running for over a year now), with several live plants in it. It started with fish population of 3 female Guppy and 2 male Guppy Endlers, plus 2 biggish Black Devil Snails. The Guppy reproduced a lot, so eventually it was a bit crowded, but a...
  5. chiara

    Giant Bubbles

    Hi there, I have just bought an airstone for my 30 l aquarium. It is the kind of long ones which create a curtain of bubbles effect... I placed it under the gravel as it is supposed to be but the bubbles coming out from under the gravel are huge! My poor barbs are scared to swim through it as...
  6. chiara

    Urgent ! Anybody Wants To Adopt A Green Tiger Barb? London

    Hi there I am quite new in the hobby, today by suggestion of my local fish store, I bought 1 green tiger barb which is chasing badly my 2 rams. Does anybody in London want to adopt my green tiger barb? Please need help ASAP!!
  7. chiara

    Brown Spots On The Substrate..

    Hi there, I have a little planted tank home of two lovely angel fish and a weather loach. Since few weeks brown patches of something started to appear on the substrate and on the glass. It looks like it is spreading and now great part of the substrate (originally blue gravel) is covered with...
  8. chiara

    Emergency! Suspect Disease

    Hi there, since a couple of days I have started to see little white bumps, looking a bit like lots of tiny blisters all over my Gourami's skin and fins. Today I noticed that my angel fish also have it on their fins. Please help me to save them! What kind of disease could it be? Can I treat them...
  9. chiara

    Film On The Surface Of The Water

    Hi there, I have a quite new tank (couple of months old). It has a capacity of 30 L and contains a total of 4 fish. Recently a sort of oily film started to appear on the surface of the water, what is it? I do 30% water changes and I vacuum the gravel weekly. What am I doing wrong? The water is...
  10. chiara


    Hi there, I am quite new to tropical fish keeping as I received just over a month ago my first little tank as a present. It is a small tank (30 liters) that cycled apparently well with a betta splendens, and a couple of corys (one unfortunately died during the cycle). I went back to the shop...