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  1. Atwatem

    Help! My angelfish are hating each other!

    So to start off I have a 46 gallon bow front aquarium. I bought 6 angelfish a little over a year ago as little tiny babies. My have they grown! So first I had a pair off, that resulted in eggs, they became super aggressive and I bought them their own tank and gave them a couple of Corys as...
  2. Atwatem

    Angel Fish Male or Female

    I have 4 angel fish in this tank, I had 6 but had a pair off that resulted in ALOT of aggression and stress so we got them their own tank with a couple of Corys so they wouldn’t be bothered. But these 4 seem to have paired off, they constantly keep each pair on the opposite side of the tank. But...
  3. Atwatem

    Rainbow Shark isn’t growing

    Hi all! I’m not sure of all the details you need, but I have a 55 gallon tank, it’s cycled and healthy. We’ve had it up for about a year now and we haven’t lost any fish. My concern is we have 2 rainbow sharks that we bought together. One of them have seriously out grown the other. And I mean...