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  1. NerithyisaNxkki


    Hi there! Im Nikki and well im a prospecting avid fish lover. I plan to become more experienced and rear difficult fish as a hobby. Right now, legally too young to have a credit card in my country without parental management (sob) and limited access to good quality materials but i hope to get...
  2. NerithyisaNxkki

    Seeking Professional Help to starting a Tank from scratch

    Recently i posted a thread regarding my uncycled tank with fishes inside. Regarding that thread, unfortunately due to very high levels of ammonia, they have all passed away. RIP fishes. Moving on, i hope i can seek professional help to correctly start up my tank and stock it adequately so as to...
  3. NerithyisaNxkki

    Please help

    Hi there, i recently got a 30 times 30 times 30 aquarium but due to too much decaying plants had to do a complete overhaul of the tank (was very bad). Now im stuck with a tank of 1 cory, 4 guppies and 5 neon tetras in a completely uncycled tank. Is there a way to temporarily hold all my fishes...