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  1. malawilover22

    Empty Tank To Kill Ick

    so ive been trying to kill ick for three months ive tried salt and heat ive tried medications two weeks at a time i cant get rid of it. ive moved my fish to a quarintine tank where ill treat again, but ive read 14 different articles some say two days some say 8 weeks does anyone really know? im...
  2. malawilover22

    Is My Gh Kh To Low For South Africans

    hi, new to the site i have a 125 gallon mbuna tank thats been running for 9 months my ph is 7.8 gh is 5 kh is 7 the strange thing is even with a low kh my ph never changes has been the same for 9 months is the same out of tap, im not very concerened about ph as all my fish are farm or tank...
  3. malawilover22

    Water Concerns

    hi im new to the site ive just recentley as of 6 months ago gotten into south african cichlids i have a 90 gallon alunocara peacock tank and a 125 gallon mbuna tank. i have some concerns about water quality? my parameters are as follows ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrates 10 gh 5 kh 3 ph 7.8, i do...