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  1. kiwi210

    Reef Safe Invertebrates?

    Looking to add some inverts to my tanks. Thinking either an urchin or starfish. I haven't started my reef yet but I know in the future I will be adding some zoas and polyps. What are some easy to maintain inverts that are also reef safe? 
  2. kiwi210

    Is It Safe To Add A Discus To One Of My Tanks?

    I've been owning cichlids for over 2 years and I think I'm finally experienced enough to own a Discus. I have a 55 gallon tank with 2 smaller Blood parrots. One of them is a little aggressive but the other one is pretty calm. My other tank is a 40 gallon with a Jewel, Johanni, Yellow Lab, and...
  3. kiwi210

    Plants And Cichlids?

    I want to add some live plants to my south american cichlid tank but I was told they will eat the plants. Is this true or just a rumor? 
  4. kiwi210

    Purple Algae?

    Why do I have dark purple algae growing on my live rock? There are also some bright green spots. I just cleaned my tank and there was brown algae all over the substrate and walls. How do I take care of this WITHOUT adding chemicals? 
  5. kiwi210

    Thinking About A Possible Brackish Tank-I Have A Few Questions On How

    I have a lot of experience with saltwater and freshwater tanks but I never had a brackish. I'm a little confused on how to get one started. Does it need live rock? What should the specific gravity be? What type of substrate should I use? Is it possible to do a nano tank? 
  6. kiwi210

    How To I Upgrade My Saltwater Tank?

    I started a 10 gallon saltwater tank and recently bought equipment to setup a 75 gallon tank. How do I successfully transfer my live rock and clownfish to the new tank? I haven't set it up yet because I need to buy more live rock. I can't afford another 65 pounds of live rock and would like to...
  7. kiwi210

    Blood Parrot Problems

    One of my blood parrots has become very sick looking. He still dark in color because he is still juvenile but he has developed a large white spot near his caudal fin. His fins are torn but there are no evidence of bite marks. My blood parrots have recently spawned but were obviously unsuccessful...