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    Anyone Find Xmas Time A Nightmare

    anyone else find Xmas nightmare things gone wrong just been a total waste of time or well i let you tell us i have good feelings and bad feelings :sad: :)
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    Brrrrrrrrrrr Its Cold

    right how cold it were you live at the moment were i am on the border of Yorkshire and co Durham its a rather cold -9 now
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    Confused !

    do people call bog wood drift wood or do some people actually use drift wood i learnt by mistakes in the past about using drift wood the only wood i trust now is bog wood or mopani wood
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    Cycling When Was It First Cycled Using Household

    like it says when was household ammonia first used to cycle a fish tank and who came up with the idea
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    Who Does And Who Doesn't

    who does and who doesn't use dechlorinator please tell what the pros and cons are
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    Bog Wood

    bog wood i have photographed this against some a 4 paper to give you some idea as the size of it i am asking £5.00 a piece or £25 the lot there is six pieces all must go
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    Pl Ballast

    will i be able to buy pl ballast from an electrical wholesaler also the bulb connectors
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    Christmas/holidays Are On There Way

    what have you asked for
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    Have You Got Your Sprouts On

    have you got your sprouts on ready for crimbo i have i put them on in june i like them a bit crisp :lol: actually does any one know a quick recipe for crimbo pudding made with suet and all the goodies in it
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    Cat Litter

    cat litter can it be used as a tank substrate or is it just a planting medium if it can what type do i get and were can i get it from
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    testing your tanks for ammonia nitrate nitrite pH is necessary why do i get the feeling that newcomers to the hobby are been told that they don't need to test any body else get the same feeling
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    Filter Starter Products

    rite as it say what is exactly in that bottle that says filter start on it is it bacteria is it nutrients or a source of ammonia and how come some people find it works for them and some say it doesn't so lets hear your accounts on using if you have and tell us what you think is in these...
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    Wanted 18"x18"x18"

    what i am after is a 18"x18"x18" or something near to that all glass tank somewhere in the northeast i can't pay much as i am on a strict budget all thought i can arrange for it to be collected or picked up you can pm on here cheers the biffster
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    Lr Rubble

    would it be OK to fill my HOB filter full of LR rubble or would i be better of just leaving clear in case i need to use carbon or rowa
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    Hoplo Cat

    i have been noticing that of late that i don't see many hoplosternum thoracatum any more in the shops it that they are not that popular in the home aquarium any more i used to find the a cracking cat fish and easy to breed as well
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    What Names Have You Had For Your Fish

    this is just a bit of daft that's why i put it here i was just thinking of funny names for fish like bits an bobs i used to go to lfs that had a large pair of gold fish called Ronnie and Reggie what names have you called yours and what have you heard them called it might be fun
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    Old Times

    i have just been saying how we used to get external thermostat and split heater thermostats when i started in the hobby i also remember the only way to filter the tank was air powered bubble up filters and air powered hang on filters and fluorescent tubes were just coming in most of the...
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    Turbo Snails

    do turbo snail well do they well you know :blink:
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    we are in for a storm up here in the northeast tonight we have 60 to 70 mph winds right now and its lashing with rain i mean sideways rain
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    Pm And Newbies

    is there any reason why a member cant pm a newbie i can understand a newbie not been able to pm a member i get that but not the other way round or is it just me been thick