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  1. chrisbassist

    Who's On Flickr?

    Let's see links to your photostreams! I'll be back to post mine, but just be warned, I'll probably add you as a contact... Thinking about it, the image in my sig will take you to my stream...
  2. chrisbassist

    My World

    Thought I'd share this, It's a 360 degree panoramic taken in my back garden, from 25 shots day105 by Chris Blizzard, on Flickr
  3. chrisbassist


    don't know if you know what an anaglyph is, but it's one of those 3d pictures which uses a red and blue filter over each eye, so you wear the glasses for them (they're using the technique a lot in modern 3d films) well I've been experimenting with them... It requires taking 2 photos, slightly...
  4. chrisbassist

    Photo Crop

    Just wondering what crop ratios people work with? You know the standard sizes like 8x10, or whatever. My cam is a 12x8 ratio as standard but I've recently decided I like a square crop. Square seems to be coming back in fashion. You've got people who like it because it's retro, others who...
  5. chrisbassist

    Spots V Stripes

    Who here has seen the latest cadburys ad? Spotted fish vs stripy fish.
  6. chrisbassist

    New Lens

    Just have to tell someone about it. It's like Christmas day when I was little. My new lens arrived today and seems great so far. Strictly speaking it's a conversion lens. It fits onto the stock lens, or any lens with the same diameter filter thread. The lens comes in 2 parts. The first part...
  7. chrisbassist


    Now I'm banging my head against a wall. I made a couple of changes to my site, and it's started rendering the page wrong. The site isn't finished yet (which is why I'm still changing bits...) but this is annoying me. I only added about 7 lines of code. Could anyone here do me a massive...
  8. chrisbassist

    How Is Everyone?

    I've not had chance to get on here properly in a while. How is everyone? I'm not bad, been busy sorting out a couple of websites, writing my book, transferring all my DVDs onto a hard drive so I can access them all through the menu system on my ps3. Once they're all done I may set up a...
  9. chrisbassist

    How To Behave On An Internet Forum
  10. chrisbassist

    British Weather

    I just got back from walking into the town centre, on my way back someone walking the other way said something along the lines of too hot today isn't it? Why are brits never happy? If the temp dropped 5 degrees we'd be whining about how itsnever hot here. We whine about rain, then we whine...
  11. chrisbassist

    The Disappearing City

    I've decidided to cover Frank Lloyd Wright as a case study part of my portfolio submission for an architecture course. Unfortunately, the idea of his I wanted to focus on, and add my own ideas to (and kind of continue the idea by designing my own version) is broadacre city. The way I see it...
  12. chrisbassist

    Sherlock Holmes

    Today, whilst browsing the shops, we decided to get the new Sherlock holmes DVD. Tonight, we watched it. Overall, I thought it was a rather standard film with some nice touches. Remove the setting, and change the names, it could have been any other modern thriller/action film. It had all...
  13. chrisbassist


    Who here has owned ferrets? Any advice? Once we get our own place, me and the wife are looking at a ferret. Always had cats, wife has always had a dog, she also had some albino rats for a while. So we're not entirely new to these kinds of pets but haven't specifically had ferrets before...
  14. chrisbassist

    London Aquarium

    Going to London aquarium this weekend with family. I've not been since the salife refurb. Anything I should look out for? Any new animals to check out? Anything else useful?
  15. chrisbassist


    This is what happens when you pick up all your info online... I'm pretty sure I know how to pronounce catfish, or livebearer, they seem pretty simple. But what about cichlid? Just from the spelling I can think of 4 possible ways of pronouncing it. Anyone like to clarify, then whine about...
  16. chrisbassist

    Attaching Plants To Rocks (Or Bogwood)

    I have 2 questions on this. I mean plants like java fern. 1. How do you do it? I've heard superglue mentioned, and I've heard elastic bands... Are either of these right? How do you actually attach them? 2. What other plants can you do this with?
  17. chrisbassist

    Favourite Films

    Don't restrict yourself to 1 movie as a fave. As many as you like try and say why too. I love reservoir dogs. The way it's put together is excellent, and what it achieves with such a small cast is great is there anyone else in the world that liked "domino" or is it just me?
  18. chrisbassist

    Ninja Warrior

    Anyone seen this? Watching it now. Looks like fun. Basically a complicated assault course with lots of water... Hit the water you're out. Most stages have time limits.
  19. chrisbassist

    Chrisbassists Roma 125

    I posted a couple of pics in a thread over in NW Cichlids, but thought i might as well start a thread for my tank here. Full Tank: Apisto Cacatuoides: (Spike, my male) (She's the boss) (the bit on the side) Keyholes: Cories: Guppies: (biggest and oldest guppy) (4 of these, and...
  20. chrisbassist

    Roma 125, 25% Coverage

    The 25% may mean it's not going to be what some may call a planted tank, more a tank with plants... I'm currently running low light, no co2, not many plants, and not yet dosed ferts. Browsing in lfs today, I saw a cheap co2 starter kit, along the lines of the diy stuff but saving me the hassle...