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  1. Blubble37

    Morning All

    It's been a while. I'm still running, still at 95 Litres. Sorta ran out of money to do anything else really, i have, at least, got a decent filter on there now, a couple of TT EX series running in series. Wish i had time to say more, but it's a busy life huh.. Take care
  2. Blubble37

    Filter Q&a.

    I have done this previously a long while back, but i'm starting another.   Filters. The most important part of your tank and obviously the most concerning when they start to act funny. Post your questions below, be it "what's this buzzing noise" to "what's best for my tank?" to "how can i set up...
  3. Blubble37

    95 Litre "nature"

    After an extended break, I'm gonna do a little piece on my main tank. Low maintenance and looks good.   Equipment:   Planting:   Stocking:   Photographs:   Maintenance Schedule:   Future Plans:
  4. Blubble37

    Tetratec Ex-600

    After using one of these for four months, I feel comfortable reviewing it.   The Tetratec EX600 is an external canister filter, rated for 600 l/h with no media and brand new pipes. It contains three media trays of respectable size. The pump housing is the same as the EX700 and EX400, making...
  5. Blubble37

    I Thought I'd Drop By

    Old member, still in the hobby although my time is dwindling as exams grow closer.   Hope you're all well
  6. Blubble37

    65Litre Lightly Planted Low/no-Tech Journal

    Decided i may as well make a journal for this, as of today, 16/4 (or 4/16), nothing ordered has arrives, expecting some on the 20th (4/20.. hah..) but meh.   Currently i have the fish, the plants, the coarse proportion of the gravel, the sandy proportion of the gravel, some space in my room, a...
  7. Blubble37

    Image Extension Not Allowed On Board

    I got this error when trying to post a reply, no images in the text, just a quoted emoticon .-.
  8. Blubble37

    Good Day To You

    Hope you're all well   Havent been on as much as I'd like, exams coming up, 150% of time devoted to revision, social life dwindling   Some things have changed, lost a lampeye to a filter, it got itself wedged in the corner, moved the filter away from the wall now.. also lost a kuhli loach to...
  9. Blubble37

    I Have A Dilemma

    FREE GUPPIES TO YOU ALL PLEASE TAKE THEM PLEASE They have exploded XD literally exploded, one i bought turned out to be pregnant, a month or so down the line i have about 20 fry.. there's a male in the tank causing absolute havoc So, anyone want some free fish? They're being properly cared for...
  10. Blubble37

    Special Ancistrus Care

    I bought a BN plec (ancistrus sp.) today, however, i didnt realise until i got him home that he had a fin missing. I think it's due to injury, there's no other signs of damage around the fin and it's healed up, otherwise, he seems happy and is doing what Plec's love to do, try and suck their way...
  11. Blubble37

    Your Hobbies

    So, i think this'd be a good way for us all to get to know eachother I'll go first, so you dont have to My name is Rob. My hobbies, apart from fish, include slot racing, 1/10 scale model racing, and flying.   The first two i can do at home quite easily, or go to the local racecourse, but with...
  12. Blubble37

    Requesting Un Peu D'advice

    Okay, i'm thinking of going back into bettas.   I have a 25 litre tank, which i believe is about 5.5imp gal?   Gravel has been thought of, and will be black, going to find a clip-on lighting unit, plants are being considered   what i'd like to ask is, as i'm going to filter the tank to save...
  13. Blubble37

    Tetratec Ex-700

    The TT-EX700 is a sturdy canister filter, more than capable of doing it's job. The flow rate is supposedly 700 litres per hour, but like all externals, this depends on media quantity, head height and how clogged the media is.   The water flow is as follows: Through the inlet and down the tubes...
  14. Blubble37

    Tetra Ex Filters

    i know the ex400 up to the 700 use the same size foams and everything, so   does anyone know if you could use the head of an ex400 on the can and trays of a ex700? i'm loking into setting up a little 60 litre tank, which i want to external, i know 400l/h is less than the 10x/hour standard, but...
  15. Blubble37

    Advice On Over-Wintering

    For a christmas present, my mum bought my father two ghost koi, out pond is large enough, but they are too small and thin (from the LFS..) to go in the pond right now. Currently, they're in a 95 litre tank with 1300L/H of flow (Fluval U3 and a Fluval 3+). The water is changed every other day and...
  16. Blubble37

    Today Is The Day

    with all hopes, today is the day my little darlings are released into their new tank, filters are set to change tanks, new tank's at a cosy 26.5, the exact temperature of the other tank, PH of 7ish, no ammonia, no nitrite, 40ppm of nitrate   Pictures soon c:   Merry (belated) christmas to my...
  17. Blubble37

    How To: Scale-Less Heaters

    Recently, i purchased a new tank, that came with a heater with no temperature scale. The first thing running through my mind was   "Oh."   So, if you find yourself with a scale-less heater, here's a way to get it working properly.   Give yourself a week to get it optimised, it shouldnt take that...
  18. Blubble37

    Need Help With Neon Tetra Disease

    I've been treating this for a while now, and no signs of improvement.   Water stats Ammonia=0ish Nitrite=0ish Nitrate=60ish (tap water levels)   should i put the little devils to sleep or carry on trying to cure them? really not sure
  19. Blubble37

    Aye, I Cant Say It Hasnt Been A While

    Some of you might remember me, idk, been extremely busy with exams n' stuff. I've taken up flying so that's limited the amount of time i have on my hands.   Still keeping fish though, currently in the process of setting a tank up, the old one started to leak so i decided that instead of keep all...
  20. Blubble37

    Slight Problem

    My dad likes to keep the house cold to save energy which it doesn't, it just means damp and more energy to heat it up It's about 11C in here, and my tank is struggling to keep it's head above 23 with both the heaters on. My main concern is that the heaters could burn out from prolonged use or...