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  1. Blubble37

    How To Start Growing Aquarium Plants?

    I live in an area at PH 7.6 with hard water, I grow Vallis, Amazon Sword and a couple of other plants, one looks to be a smaller strain of the vallis genus, the other is very short and mossy. I buy plants that are mostly grown and just embed them in the gravel after removing the potting material...
  2. Blubble37

    What Type Of Cory Is This?

    lil bronze fella, very sweet temprament and very shy
  3. Blubble37

    What Rigs Are You Running?

    1 rig is an old school PC, one is my parents, one is for rendering and travel, one is for gaming
  4. Blubble37

    What Rigs Are You Running?

    because i was an idiot and i blew through all my money   but it was worth it   IK it must have been fun building them. Do you have steam? what games do you play?   steam is a yes, i play Elite:Dangerous and very occasionally fallout 4
  5. Blubble37

    All Male Guppy Shoal Or Solo?

    you can keep an all-male shoal, it's not impossible. Some have a bit more of a nippy temprament than others however so that's always something to bear in mind. You can stop the aggression by introducing females.. but it doesn't take a genius to work out what that entails
  6. Blubble37

    Is My Neon Tetra Sick?

    if he's been like it for a for while without issue i probably wouldn't worry. shop fish are all inbred, so you are going to get some deformitites. In any case, it looks like a very bloated stomach, perhaps your tetra is constipated, although making him eat laxatives is going to be a challenge...
  7. Blubble37

    Furry White Stuff?

    the snail won't do too much, they eat algae, this stuff is a bacterial colony gently clean down anything that's covered in this stuff, the water change will lower the amount of available nutrients in the water. rinse out the filter foams under tank water, if you find anything that is clogged...
  8. Blubble37

    What Rigs Are You Running?

    because i was an idiot and i blew through all my money   but it was worth it
  9. Blubble37

    What Rigs Are You Running?

    NAGA-V i5-4690k@4.8 GHz, 1.375V Asus Z97-Pro Gamer 16GB DDR3-2133 Dominator Platinum CoolerMaster Nepton 240M EVGA GTX 980Ti SC Corsair RM650 Fractal R5 Assorted SSD's and HDD's ANTHRAX AsRock H170M-ITX/ac i5-6400 16GB DDR4 2400 Hyperx Fury Antec 120mm WC Silverstone SFX 500W PSU EVGA GTX...
  10. Blubble37

    Furry White Stuff?

    it's a bacteria as far as i remember, it grows wherever it can whenever there are excess nutrients. You will always have it to some extent, that cloudy crud you scrape from the glass or the slight film on all of your ornaments. If it gets a food source it will bloom. Clean it off and do a water...
  11. Blubble37

    Morning All

    who knows. I'm a man out of time. Literally. I have no time to do anything.   greetings I'm.. living.
  12. Blubble37

    Morning All

    It's been a while. I'm still running, still at 95 Litres. Sorta ran out of money to do anything else really, i have, at least, got a decent filter on there now, a couple of TT EX series running in series. Wish i had time to say more, but it's a busy life huh.. Take care
  13. Blubble37

    Water's Smell

    thirding fluttermoth. At most, the tank may smell a little damp die to the humidity under the hood and small bits of algae or inevitably mould growing on the hood which should be cleaned every week (warm, moist environments tend to do that). If you don't have a hood, it shouldn't smell too much...
  14. Blubble37

    Betta In The Kitchen

    be careful if you fry steak near the fish, i tmay develop a sudden love for meat and turn into a pihrana   that's totally how it works
  15. Blubble37

    So It Begins

    thoughts?   Why no pictures?
  16. Blubble37

    95 Litre "nature"

    nah, you might aswell add bottled water to the tank in all honesty
  17. Blubble37

    A New Generation In Filtration

    if it hums and it creaks a little and buzzes when it's disturbed I know it's working. If the fish are belly up in the water and already cooked, I know this new one isn't working
  18. Blubble37

    A New Generation In Filtration

    further research in - this creates neutrally charged hydroxide ions (hydroxyl free radicals) by charging a "special media" aka charging an expensive lump of foam.   Something to note about free radicals   Free radicals are incredibly reactive molecules that consecutively react with many things...
  19. Blubble37

    Young Molly Laying At Bottom Of Tank, Gasping, Struggling To Get To Su

    this is the filter the aquarium came with, though. and it's worked well for six months until now.   (btw, the link shows a ten gallon filter, but i DO have the 20 gallon one for my 15 gallon tank)   what filter would you recommend? daily water changes of at least 50%, you don't really have any...
  20. Blubble37

    Young Molly Laying At Bottom Of Tank, Gasping, Struggling To Get To Su

    eeeyup, that;ll be why   your filter is too small for your tank for a start, also, it's a really rubbish filter - cartridges work on the principle that chemicals in them clean the water, which doesn't work all to greatly actually. When you change cartridge, you remove all bacteria that may've...