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    Sexing my cherry shrimp

    I have read about telling the sex of cherry shrimp. Of my 5 RCS, in my shrimp only tank (except for 2 small nerite snails), I'm hoping I have at least 1 lucky male. I have a couple picked out I am hoping are males (see pictures). These 2 do not appear to have the large "D" shaped abdomen like...
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    Cloudy water from green algae - how to clear up?

    I have a cycled 10 gallon with 3 red cherry shrimp, 2 neon tetras, oto, and a galaxy rasbora. Plants are amazon sword, crypt spiralis, jungle val, and crypt wenditi. I let the algae grow on back of tank and one side for the oto. He is fat and happy and won't eat anything else. I have LED...
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    I killed my shrimp and don't know how

    I have a 10 gallon. It has ich. I'm treating with Ich-X which isn't supposed to hurt shrimp. However, I thought I would isolate my 3 red cherry shrimp to be safe. I cut a 2 liter bottle and floated in tank. I put roughly 25 pieces of aquarium gravel in the bottom, pea gravel size. I put the...
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    Amazon sword semi transparent leaves. Will recover?

    My Amazon sword has some leaves that you can kind of see though. I added root tabs for first time about 3 days ago. Will those semi transparent leaves recover once they are that way or should I remove them? Thanks
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    What is this on snail shell? Injury?

    Black racer nerite snail. I just noticed this. Nothing in my 10 gallon could cause this. Snail is over inch long and huge compared to fish. Is it an injury? Do they heal? Thanks
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    Black racer nerite snail about useless

    I bought a black racer nerite snail last Friday. He should be called a pit stop snail as he spends most his time sitting on the side of the tank. My tank had a decent amount of algae on the glass and I figured he would feast on it. Not so much so I cleaned the glass myself. He does move to...
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    Rate to harden water

    Newly cycled 10 gallon. 2 small zebra danios, 1 small otocinclus, 1 small cherry shrimp, 1 large amazon sword, 1 small crypt wendtii. I get my water from a well after it goes thru a softener. My tank water hardness is very soft / 25 ppm. I am thinking I can harden it up by getting my hard water...
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    Enough load to start a cycle?

    I have a new 10 gallon aquarium I just added 2 small Danios and a medium Amazon sword plant 2 days ago. I also added 5 gallon worth of Tetra Safe Start into my Marineland Pro 125 filter that has a sponge, bio wheel, and ceramic media. I tested my water for ammonia today and it is only at...