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    Can i keep different kinds of neons to school together?

    Okay so after having major agression issues with my 6 neon tetras ive decided to size up my tank a bit and add some more, i wanted to know if i could add say a PAIR EACH of green neon, albino neon, and golden neon. Would it matter to them or would they be happy considering it the same thing...
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    Aggresive neon tetras? Pecking order duration?

    I have 6 neons in a new heavily planted ten gallon im setting for my parents, at first they seemed fine together, eventually one particular neon has been attacking the others to an extent where all the rest have gone into hiding. Its been a week so far same, when i removed him another one took...
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    Do cabomba leaves regrow?

    So i got cabomba in my new tank and while most is doing great, a few leaves have come loose and are floating around my tank, its been two weeks and they still look fresh and green. By leaves i mean like the tiny v shape clusters that broke off the parent plant. So do these continue to grow...
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    Best moistureproof auto feeder please?

    Ill be out of town for work for a month, and the landlord is a huge pain, dissaproves of visitors so a pet sitter is not a convenient option. Ive read up on food blocks but id rather try a feeder ( I PROMISE TO TRY IT OUT FIRST TO ADRESS THE OVERFEEDING ISSUE TO MY BEST) Here are my main issues-...