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  1. silverrabbit


    Ruby decided to squeeze her big bunny bottom into the tunnel :fun: bought her a pair of Santa pants to play in too, will have to get pics of that!
  2. silverrabbit

    Crunchy Food For Juvie Fahaka

    Hallo :) So, my ickle fahaka Peewee isn't so little anymore as he's grown 2 inches already (had him a little over a month). Obviously he's still "baby" sized at about 5 inches inc tail, and i'm not sure what good crunchy foods he can have at this size. ATM he gets (pre soaked in vitamins)...
  3. silverrabbit

    Some Rescue Rabbits

    This is my newest rescue, Freya. Was unwanted:( This is Domino, bred to near death, was rescued last summer with 4 others Nobby, Domino's husbun from same place Skye, also from same place Albie, Skye's husbun. He was abandoned because they "didn't want a grown up rabbit"...
  4. silverrabbit

    Olive The Puffer Says Hello

    Had to show you my beautiful puffball, very personable little cutie. Had Olive the Abei for a mmonth or so now, and on tues I got a male Borneensis who is so cute! This is Olive :)
  5. silverrabbit

    Got My Merinos *yay*

    I'm very excited. Found a breeder just down the road to me who has merino and rex baby pigs for sale :wub: I have got the piggy bug again lol. Wondering if anyone has kept merinos before? Want to find out the best way to manage their coats. I usually cut the hair of my longhaired girly, but...
  6. silverrabbit

    Baby G Pigs =)

    Here they are :) getting nicely settled in now. Unfortunately they had mites so having to hold off from introducing them to Marmalade. Delilah: Pixie: :hyper: i'm very happy with them
  7. silverrabbit

    For Piggy Lovers

    So, I'm getting a real piggy bug after seeing Chesterscot's thread in here! ATM I have only one piggy called Marmalade, as I lost her sister a few weeks ago and her mum died last year. Mopsy was preggo when I bought her, which came as a shock when I felt moving babies in her tummy :hyper...
  8. silverrabbit

    Good Internal Bacteria Med?

    Hello there, just wanted to know if anyone knows of a good internal bacteria medication for the UK? I've treated my parrot tank twice in the past few weeks but they still have stringy white poo and the kirrin parrots (who I think brought this in, QT'd for ich but thought they were ok otherwise)...
  9. silverrabbit

    Could Not Resist =)

    In my fave LFS, they had some stunning bettas in stock :wub: had to have 2. Planning to bring some of my other smaller tanks back into action so I can go back and get a couple more HM's and CT's. This first boy was a manic flaring fish in-store... now it's so hard to catch him in the moment...
  10. silverrabbit

    Why Do So Many People...

    Just really curious and tbh a bit -_- People think it'd be so "cool" to breed them, but it's so much more complicated than that!!! It's not just about having a lovely male that is so gorgeous it HAS to be bred, and having a spare tank (gee, that'll go far with all those fry that need...
  11. silverrabbit

    Electricity Bills And Mts, Lol

    Wellllllllllll, I currently have 6 tanks on the go, and have to admit it's affecting the leccy bill more than I was praying for (I really don't wanna part with my fishies, esp my bettas). Like seriously, the bills are getting worse - the latest one is nearly £100 more than without the tanks...
  12. silverrabbit

    Goldfish Thin But Bobbing At Water Surface

    Hello, well I have a bit of a prob with one of my fancies. I recently had to remove him/her from the main goldie tank because the black moor was harrassing it and because the moor is growing at a ridiculous rate, poor Pumpkin wasn't happy. So anyways, before I moved Pumpkin, he/she'd been...
  13. silverrabbit

    Water Supply Trouble

    So, a couple days before my W/C's are due, our water supply is shut off for around 8 hours because they're connecting the pipes to some new flats down the road. Didn't think anything of it, but when it was switched back on, our water was couldy for a few hours so I let it run to clear it out...
  14. silverrabbit

    Divider Disaster

    So, i've had Eragon and Shimmer living side by side for months, no probs at all - not even flaring! Came down this morning to find Shimmer in Eragon's bit, with his tail being devoured by Eragon! Literally the whole tail was in his mouth :crazy: Poor Shimmer is looking awful :( he had such...
  15. silverrabbit

    My Betta Tattoo =)

    Very pleased with it - can't wait to add some more when my tattoo guy gets back from hols :D It's based on my first betta, Kai :)
  16. silverrabbit

    My New Kitten =)

    This is Mischa, the pretty but naughty little tortie madam!! Only got her today but she's settled in so well... she spent most of the afternoon sitting in my shoes, chasing a fly and sleeping on my knee. She has terrible wind atm though - the pet shop must've only just wormed her and i'm dealing...
  17. silverrabbit

    My Cat Drank Medicated Tank Water

    I didn't know where this topic fitted really, so sorry if I got it wrong! As the title says, had a goldie in quarantine with anti-internal bacteria med by Interpet (the med had been added 2 days ago). The fish died unfortunately, and I went off to dispose of Bugsy. When I got back like ten...
  18. silverrabbit

    My New Boys =)

    I got 2 new boys and i'm totally in love with them :D This is Fynn - poor thing wasn't well when I got him, but clean water has done him so much good and the red streaking is healing well This is Eragon - excuse the breeder box, put him in there to avoid the gravel vac cos he gets so...
  19. silverrabbit

    Bit Confused =\

    So I bought a couple of balloon mollies from a pet shop near me about 3 weeks ago. Yesterday the white female dropped what I assumed was all her fry (which I missed, and by the time I came home only one was left, which I then witnessed her chasing and was gobbled up before my net could get in...
  20. silverrabbit

    P@h Depresses Me.

    Went to a P@H shop today for a browse, and I was totally shocked and really quite disgusted. For one, their tanks were infected with anchor worms reallllllllly badly - so many emaciated fish with the worms hanging out of their scales and gills, and then I saw this poor baby oscar covered in...