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  1. silverrabbit

    Is He Ok?

    His fins look like they're healing nicely :) don't know what to suggest about the face, though can't see anything wrong personally
  2. silverrabbit

    Long Fins For A Female?

    Females lack the middle bit of the beard - it will look heart-shaped when they flare :) looks like a young male to me, the ventrals are long IMO, but then I have had a long-ventralled girly before, really confused me! :fun: colour is also nice and bright - a bagged female tends to show stress...
  3. silverrabbit

    My New Betta

    very lovely boy!
  4. silverrabbit

    Wart/blister On My Betta

    Sorry, I don't know what that is :( Is he acting ok and eating?
  5. silverrabbit

    A Change Of Food

    My fish love the Atison's Ocean Nutrition!
  6. silverrabbit

    August Fun Theme Competition - Voting

    Great pics, voted :)
  7. silverrabbit

    Guinea Pigs

    POTM for pic 2nd from bottom :good: they are ADORABLE!
  8. silverrabbit


    Shame, they're much less territorial when they're "done", and saves them from having pent up sexual frustration. But maybe i'm more for neutering because I rescue, each to their own I guess
  9. silverrabbit


    She is very soft and squishy, but she hates me :unsure: no idea why! She loves the cats more than humans :huh:
  10. silverrabbit


    Ruby decided to squeeze her big bunny bottom into the tunnel :fun: bought her a pair of Santa pants to play in too, will have to get pics of that!
  11. silverrabbit


    Is your other boy in your room neutered? better to have him done too otherwise some scraps might break out.
  12. silverrabbit

    Olive The Puffer Says Hello

    :lol: haha. They are hard to take pics of.. except olive, who seems to be a camera hog. Maybe tomo will be a good quiet day for photos
  13. silverrabbit

    Where To Buy

    I know a few people who have bought from the site you mention and all seem to be very satisfied, very reasonable prices too. I think if you're looking at importing you will be paying around the £50 mark for a lovely fish.
  14. silverrabbit

    My New Lil Guy!

    He looks like the colour of cherries!
  15. silverrabbit

    Olive The Puffer Says Hello

    He is SO hard to get a good pic of as he hides so much of the time... except when he sees dinner :lol: Will get some pics of him at nomnom time! He is lovely though, and he does seem very chilled out
  16. silverrabbit

    Crunchy Food For Juvie Fahaka

    Thanks :) yeah i'm sure he won't starve, he's in good shape. Gonna have to go and look under bricks and logs in the garden now, haven't seen woodlice for ages.
  17. silverrabbit

    Crunchy Food For Juvie Fahaka

    Thanks for the quick reply :) yes he's alone. I think I need to buy some pond snail-infested plants, unless these are also called "bladder snails" which i've seen on ebay. Can you buy woodlice so they're nice and "clean" and disease free? :unsure: Poor Peewee won't know what's hit him when...
  18. silverrabbit

    Crunchy Food For Juvie Fahaka

    Hallo :) So, my ickle fahaka Peewee isn't so little anymore as he's grown 2 inches already (had him a little over a month). Obviously he's still "baby" sized at about 5 inches inc tail, and i'm not sure what good crunchy foods he can have at this size. ATM he gets (pre soaked in vitamins)...
  19. silverrabbit

    My Sorority Begins.....

    Personally, I always have a shuffle around of decor and remove the established females to a bag for 30 mins or so. This seems to work really well for me and have no aggression whereas I used to have terrible nipping issues when I first had a sorority and didn't do this. Everyone has different...