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    Kuhli loach help

    Hi I just noticed this on my kuhli loach today is this something to worry about ?? None of my others have it and I’ve never seen this before on them...sorry if I’m being stupid and it’s nothing to worry about. Water parameters are all fine fish are healthy just this is a new thing that has happened
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    Help me please

    Hi I don’t know if I’m in the right forum sorry if I am in the wrong one ! I just want to know about medications...I have ich in my tank and I’ve been using blue planet ich treatment but it’s not working can I switch to a different medication like blue planet multi cure or will that do something...
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    Black phantom tetra acting different

    Hi I have about 12 black phantom tetras..there is one acting strange in the tank never seen it do it before but it will put its nose up in the air and looks like it prancing around and about a group of 4 tetras will just watch him and follow him “prance” around I’m just not sure if I should be...