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  1. Straydum

    Yellow Watchman Goby

    hi guys i've been wondering about this for quite awhile now. whenever i drop by the LFS and there's a tank of yellow watchman, there'd always be this individual which would be somewhat white in colour like the one below when i bought my first watchman goby, i caught the white one up and in...
  2. Straydum

    Hammer Coral

    hello all :) i'm thinking of getting a hammer off another reefer so i thought i'd ask you guys here first. the seller says its bleaching a bit and its getting too big for her tank thats why its for sale. here's a picture or two, what do you guys think? it doesn't look in that bad a...
  3. Straydum

    Yellow Watchman In Bad Shape

    i got back home this afternoon to find my yellow watchman with a hole on its side. the hole's more of an oval shape of length around 1cm and somewhat <0.5 deep, like an oval depression. the centre's reddish and surrounding it looks like white dead tissue. my cleaner shrimp keeps picking on the...
  4. Straydum

    Bubble Coral Emergency

    i just got back to find my bubble in the worst state. the bubbles are all shriveled and there's a couple of brown strings attached too. i searched online to find that they are expelling their zooxanthellae but in cases as such the bubbles should still be inflated but mine's not. the skeleton is...
  5. Straydum

    Previously Going, Now Went Marine

    i just got my first piece(s) of live rock to add into the tank. there wasn't any quarantine though, the rocks went straight in since there isn't anything inside either except for sand. there's currently only 2kg in there but overtime i'd pick up the remaining 8 or 10kg i need :) currently water...
  6. Straydum

    Issues With Salt

    here it goes, i dumped 2kg of Red Sea marine salt into 30g of water. the packet says 1kg = 30L of water, which means 30g requires around 4kg of salt and i would have to get another 2kg more. the shop at my area only has the 4kg pack and for me to get the 2kg would mean some traveling quite a...
  7. Straydum


    i was wondering, is it possible to use a breeder box as a fuge? it does look possible to grow micro algae in there and without the need to provide additional lighting since being inside the tank it gets light from the main unit.
  8. Straydum

    A Few Questions On Marine

    hi all i've been reading quite a number of journals here but i'm still unsure about certain stuff. it would be really nice if anyone could tell me what differentiates soft and hard corals. and with regards to lighting, is there a way to measure how many watts a tank needs? say a 2 feet tank with...
  9. Straydum

    Threadfin Acara

    Common name/s: Threadfin Acara, Thread-Finned Cichlid, Elusive Cichlid Scientific name: Acarichthys heckelii Family: Cichlidae Origin: South America Maximum size: 5" Care: A hardy cichlid species in my opinion, relatively undemanding when it comes to water chemistry and able to tolerate a...
  10. Straydum

    Asian Arowana

    Common name/s: Asian arowana, Dragon fish Scientific name: Scleropages formosus Synonyms: Osteoglossum formosum Family: Osteoglossidae Origin: Native to Southeast Asia, black water rivers and streams in heavily forested areas. Maximum size: 36" (90cm) Care: Minimum tank size of 180 gallons...
  11. Straydum

    Bichers, Eels, Angels, Cory Cats And Some Others

    i'm still learning how to handle the new camera. Geophagus sp.? senegalus half banded spiny eel peacock delhezi angels cories
  12. Straydum

    Fire Eel

    like the title says, my two fire eels started fighting and before i realised, one was lying at the bottom already. i took it out and put it into my other community tank. i think the damage it took is quite heavy. its body is covered with small bite marks here and there (that itself isnt so...
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  14. Straydum

    Palmas Bichir

    Common name/s: Palmas bichir, Marbled bichir Scientific name: Polypterus palmas palmas (2 possible subspecies: Polypterus palmas polli and Polypterus palmas buettikoferi) Family: Polypteridae Origin: West Africa: Congo, Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone Maximum size: around 13", not exceeding...
  15. Straydum

    Half Banded Spiny Eels

    it's been three days now and the two half banded spiny eels i got still arent really feeding. by really feeding i mean looking around for food but they'd only take the food i put directly at their noses and even so, only a bite or two. they're currently on live tubifex since they wouldnt touch...
  16. Straydum

    What A Shame

    It's a pity really that there're many fishes out there being kept in tanks almost equal to their sizes. I went down to the shop today and I saw arowanas barely able to turn around in their tanks, four (or five) big puffers (at least 8") kept in what I believe to be smaller than a 10g. Plus...
  17. Straydum

    Trumpet Knife?

    i saw 3, around 4", of these at my lfs yesterday and i'm planning of getting them. they look really bad there in a mere 10g. i cant find their identity. fishbase came up with sand knifefishes but it'd be better to check with the people here. the fish looked like the knife seen here.
  18. Straydum

    Dwarf Puffers

    i'm interested in keeping dps for myself, partly influenced by everyone since everyone's so hyped up about them. :lol: i've went through the species index and all and now know their needs and everything. but there's still one question bugging me. it regards the growing of the dp's teeth. the...
  19. Straydum

    Fire Eel

    Hello, I was wondering if it's okay for a fire eel to not burrow under the sand? I currently have a pair and they've been here for quite awhile now. Both only at 7-8". I've seen fire eels which burrow even in gravel but mine just doesn't. They are really active, even in the day. I'm using soft...
  20. Straydum

    Power Down, Power Down

    Well not exactly a power shortage in my house, its just that my plugs (one that is able to hold about 5 more) is spoiled in 2 sockets so at the moment, 2 of my tanks are off power, not the main one of course. Its the tank with my Angel pair with the spawn and the tank with the juvenile Angel...