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    Polypterus Weeksii (weeksii Bichir) La14 2ad

    Livestock: Polpyterus Weeksii Age and condition: be at least 4 years old, around 12-14 inch, possibly bigger Quantity for sale: 1 Reason for Sale: tank leaking Delivery or Collection:coolection only Sales price: £25 Postage & Packaging:nope Location: Barrow- La14 2ad Photograph:on request All...
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    Vulture Catfish (la14 2ad)

    Please fill out the following form for any and all transactions. Please change the first line as applicable to the transaction Livestock: Vulture Catfish (link here: Age and condition: about 18months old, good condition about 15...
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    Sale Due To Tank Leaking :(

    Hi' Livestock: 2 Oscars 1 albino and 1 wildcaught Age and condition: not sure on the albino, the wild caught is around 3-4 years old, good condition around 10inch Quantity for sale: 2 Reason for Sale: tank leaking Delivery or Collection:Collection only Sales Price: £5 each? Postage &...
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    ~Updated Pic Of Mantilla X Henlei Ray

    took this today, it's not growing at a normal rate so presumably stunted but i love it all the same! It's still gaining more patterning and looking better all the time. Maybe it'll have a growth spurt one day !
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    Fish Tank For Sale (Cumbria)

    Livestock/Equipment : Fish Tank and fish Age and condition:not sure on age, quite old. Glass condition perfect, stand and hood are ok. Quantity for sale: 1 tank a few gold fish Reason for Sale: parents no longer want to keep it Delivery or Collection: collection only Sales price:£40 ono for tank...
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    Couple Of Photos Of The Kid

    Spur of the moment use of my camera so just used the children setting:
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    Parrot Fish

    Not sure if i've posted these before if not....
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    New Plec

    Hi' Guys, Got this plec from pier yesterday, settled in quite nicely and no issues with my current plec: This is my original plec :
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    New Pbass

    Got a trio of PBass yesterday from Pier, i originally put them in my 4ft tank but wasn't sure if the bigger fish would eat them so put them in my small 15-20g tank with the guppies. They;ve started bringing down the population of small guppy's already. Hopefully these should shoot up in size so...
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    New Oscar

    Got this one from Pier yesterday: It has instantly got on with my current oscar which is nice :)
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    Heros Sevrus

    Livestock: pair of Heros Sevrus Age condition: good condition, not sure on age. These are about 5-6 inch. Quantity for sale: 1 Reason for Sale: Possibly shutting down tank Delivery or Collection: Both. Delivery at 50p a mile, collection from la14 2ad Sales price: £30 takes the two (note these...
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    Stingray - Mantilla X Henlei

    Livestock: Mantilla x Henlei Stingray about 6 inch disc. Eats well on dried pellet food. Age condition: Cant see any defects, no burn marks etc. Age is less than a year. Note this is a Male Quantity for sale: 1 Reason for Sale: Possibly shutting down tank Delivery or Collection: Both. Delivery...
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    What Are These?

    Hi' I got these a while back for free of someone in Pier Aquatics, can you id them and give any info?
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    Parrot Fish

    Parrot fish have laid eggs :)
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    Medication And Uv Filter?

    Can i use medication wile using uv filters or will it affect the medication?
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    Parrot Cichlid (Hoplarchus Psittacus)

    Nipped to Pier on the way home from work on Friday and couldnt resist getting these two :) it didnt take the few hour journey to well and was a little damaged but already starting to clear up
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    Guppy Breeding Types

    Hi' All, I've had 5 guppies in a small 80 litre tank and after a few months ive noticed some new ones pop up, as the tank isnt heavily planted ( i put some filter sponge in for the fry to hide) i dont get massive numbers. All of my guppies are the shape (round tails) but the fry are sword...
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    Heros Sevrus Pics

    Here's my Heros Sevrus's, i have a pair although they'd only tried breeding once a couple of months back :(
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    Amphilophus Lyonsi Pics

    Hi' Some updated pictures of my Lyonsi; When i first got them: Now:
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    Think Tap Water Is Clean?

    Hi' I use a HMA filter for my larger tank and it runs 24/7 as i have a constant water change, i change the cartridges 2-3 times a year (cartridges do 20 thousand galons). The hma is hooked into the normal tap supply ( so whatcomes out of the tap when i grab a drink) and look at the amount of...