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  1. Dajuyu

    Amazon Sword

    One of the leaves form my Amazon sword was disengaged , I actually didn't realize it . The leave was already floating around the tank , I keep saying that I need to remove it but its already two weeks went by (me being busy and all ) . To my surprise the leave still green and no sign of...
  2. Dajuyu

    How long did you leave your Canister tubing brownish ..

    I know its subjective .. but I just got to ask. Mine normally turned brownish after 3.5 weeks like the picture below. Maybe I let it run for another week or so ... Cant resist to let it turned brown for long ... just needs to clean it all up the whole set o Canister filter.
  3. Dajuyu

    Airstones - Plastic vs Actual Stones

    Just wondering which ones are better.? Plastic air stones normally comes in colorful colors or the actual Hairston that comes in granite color or should I say dull gray. I don't see any performance impact between both but what about expert views love to hear it out.
  4. Dajuyu

    Which HOB have self prime ?

    I know that Seachem Tidal series have it but its kinda of overkill for my budget . Any other suggestions for HOB that have self prime abilities since my area always have power trip and without self prime the tank will be let without operational filter. (Looking for a backup HOB since I am...
  5. Dajuyu

    My Journal Tagebuch Marz 21'

    High Tec Tank 1 Capacity 180 US Gallon. 1 SOBO Canister Filter -950/H 1 Hang on Back Filter -Fluval C4 250L/H 1 Sponge Filter - Connected to Airstones with Air Pump 3300L/H Heavily Planted Low Tec Tank Capacity 30 Gallon. ( Shrimp Tank / Secondary ) 1 Sponge Filter - Connected to...
  6. Dajuyu

    How to grow algae?

    Kinda off the opposite from what was discussed. I am trying to grow algae in my small 5 Gallon tank outdoor. 1) No direct sunlight bare minimum light 2) 5 gallon tank 3) No fish and No plants 4) Tank with some gravel and white sand full water (from main tank) 5) Some used bio balls...
  7. Dajuyu

    Dwarf Gourami Died

    Lost one female DG yesterday and I am scouring all forums to find answers but to no avail. She did sit upright for almost a day ... I have put in anti fungus and vitamin she did dash for a couple of minutes and after that sits at the bottom of the tank again till she is gone. Only left...