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    Hi guys Im new to fish keeping. I have a 40gal tank with 11 small fish and 2 small slider turtles. The filter is a fluval 307. My question is it a good idea to vacuum the gravel and sand with a vacuum that filters the water back to the tank? Or is it better to vacuum changing the water? By the...
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    Please check mi numbers

    Hi guys, i'm new, I have a 40 gal. fresh water tank wiyh 2 small Slider Turtles 3 guppys 4 mollies and 2 corydoras. My filter is a 750 Marine land. I filled the tank 8 days ago I added chlorine eliminator. I also have a couple of Anubialive plants. Forgot to mention y added Microbe lift...
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    live plants question

    Hi freinds brand new 40 gal tank. No fish yet should i put in live plants and which are easy to maintain.? THANK YOU for your help.
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    New Member.

    Hi my name is Armando and looking forward to learn and gain freinds in this hobby. Im setting up a 40 gal. with a fluval 750 filter. no fish yet, just filled the tank today. Thank you in advance for your future help.