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  1. Loops

    Wanted: Fluval Roma 125 Light Fixture/jewel Rio 125 Light Fixture

    Hi guys, After checking the fuse and buying two new bulbs I have now realised the light fixture has bitten the dust Anyone have either of the above in the title for sale? Please reply with prices, including delivery. Thanks a lot
  2. Loops

    Jewel 70 Rekord Whole Setup

    Livestock/Equipment : Jewel Rekord 70 Tank with matching stand, light, Fluval U2 filter, heater, lots of Anubias, Dragon stone, sand if wanted, includes 8 Albino Black Neons (these must go with the tank) Age and condition: good condition, no leaks Quantity for sale: full setup Reason for Sale...
  3. Loops

    Albino Black Neon Tetra X 10 For Free

    Hi all Before I take these to the local fish shop, just wondered if anyone wants them? for free? I will not post so collection only. Livestock: Albino Black Neon Tetra Quantity for sale: 10 Reason for Sale: Taking down the tank Delivery or Collection: Collection only Sales price: Free...
  4. Loops

    Albino Black Neon Tetra

    Hi guys I was looking to buy some fish today for my new bigger tank. Came across some Albino black neon tetra. They are so lovely and look so great in my tank! Quite rare i think :) Lucie x
  5. Loops

    Stocking Idea's For My New Tank Please?

    Hi guys Need some idea's as I have just upgraded to a bigger tank I am after a community tank as I currently have in there - 6 Ember tetra and 3 pygmy corys. I am thinking some more shoaling fish and corys. Idea's please :good:
  6. Loops


    Equipment make model -Arcadia arc 35ltr with nice Horizon 50 stand and 11W arc pod light. Quantity for sale -1 Reason for sale-purchased bigger tank Delivery or collection-collection only,local delivery Sales price-£40 Post-n/a Location-worcestershire west midlands Photo-see below (Not actual...
  7. Loops

    Daydream Discus - Blackminster

    Does anyone know where this Company has disappeared to? They were in Blackminster Evesham, on the business park. Phoned the number and its just dead :sad:
  8. Loops

    What Light For Roma 125L

    Hi there, My boyfriend is looking at upgrading his lights on his Fluval Roma 125l ... it currently has the standard 2 x 20Watts T8 bulbs with reflectors. He wants to start growing carpet plants (glosso, HC etc), and just be able to grow more of a veriety of plants in general really as he's...
  9. Loops

    Lotus Has A Lump On His Side!

    Hi guys I recently noticed Lotus becoming a little lazy, keeps resting alot. Just noticed he has a pea size lump on his side. I will try a get a photo of it. I keep his water very clean, its filtered, heated etc as most of you know. Any ideas?
  10. Loops

    Fluval Roma 125L Aquarium And Stand With Extras

    Equipment make/model/size: Fluval Roma 125l Quantity for sale: Aquarium and stand Reason for Sale: downsizing Delivery or Collection: Collection only Sales price: £140 Postage & Packaging: N/A Location: Redditch, Worcestershire Photograph: I am selling my Fluval Roma 125l aquarium Aquarium...
  11. Loops

    My Boss Found A Pond In The Back Garden Of His New House ... With Fish

    Hi there, My boss at work has just moved into a new house and told me there is a pond in the back garden with fish in it!!! according to him the house has been unoccupied for almost a year :/ He thinks they are Goldfish and has bought some fish food for them :) How can people do this and just...
  12. Loops

    Pygmy Corydoras With Finrot!

    Evening all One of my poor pygmy's has what I think is finrot, I thought at first it had been nipped but noticed today he no longer has a tail at all :sad: All the other fish are fine, but what can i treat the whole tank with? i cannot isolate him and i have snails in there. Thanks All i...
  13. Loops

    Find Me Some Bulbs Please? :)

    Hi guys, I've just purchased a T5 light unit from someone on eBay for a tank I'm setting up, it's a twin T5 22" 24W so obviously I'll need 2 tubes :fun: I've looked in the fish places but they want anything from £15-£20 a piece :blink: Can I buy some from this place, and would they be...
  14. Loops

    Re-Scaped My Tank

    I decided it was time for a change, changed the substrate to a little darker and removed the wood, added some rocks :) Here it is.....what do you think?
  15. Loops

    Ok To Lift A 29G Tank With A Little Water In?

    Evening all, We need to lift our tank but really don't want to take all the fish out. Is it ok to lift with a bit of water in enough to keep the fish in? We need to do something to the cabinet. Thank you x
  16. Loops

    Java Moss For Sale

    Plants: Java Moss Quantity for sale: 5 x golf ball size Delivery or Collection: Delivery Only Sales price: £2.50 each (payment by Paypal only sorry, as "Gift") Postage & Packaging: FREE Location: Not available Photograph: None All negotiations and questions must be posted in this sales thread...
  17. Loops

    Fat Ember Tetra Acting Strange

    Hi everyone One of my Ember Tetra's has gone fat and seems to be defending an area of the tank and chasing off other embers and endlers. It also is staying very close to the substrate, comes up about 1" thats it :blink: The cories seem to be really interested in that area too. Pic Cheers
  18. Loops

    A Few Pics Of Our Dogs

    Here is Jess Playing :wub: Bruno and chelsea, which some of you have probably already seen her before :wub: Hope you like them :)Love our doggies :fun:
  19. Loops

    Flame Moss For Sale

    Plants: Flame Moss Quantity for sale: golf ball size Delivery or Collection: Delivery Only Sales price: £4.00 each (payment by Paypal only sorry as "Gift") Postage & Packaging: FREE Location: Not available Photograph: This is how it grows :) All negotiations and questions must be posted in...
  20. Loops

    My Boyfriends Fluval Roma 125

    Hi all This is my boyfriends tank, I think its lovely... What do you all think? Would appreciate any comments :good: