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  1. TCJeeper

    FritzZyme 7 Freshwater Live Bacteria

    So I have had my newest tank for a month. When I filled it, I used FritzZyme 7 live bacteria for my cycle. I tested every other day for two weeks for Ammonia, Nitrites, etc. I never got a significant rise in anything. So is FritzZyme 7 really that good?
  2. TCJeeper

    Low Tech Planted Tank

    Started my low Tech cheap-as-I-could 75 gallon today. Used: Aqueon 75 Gallon Tank Seachem Tidal 110 AQQA 300w Submersible Heater Kellogg Organic Garden Soil BDBS Cap Fritz Complete Seachem Plant Pack Fundamentals Planted: Ludwigia Palustris Echinodorus Bleheris Sagittaria Subulata It looks...
  3. TCJeeper

    Need help deciding....

    So I am returning to the hobby and currently in the research stage. Have not purchased anything. I plan to run a 75 gallon freshwater with a Tidal 110 HOB filter and it will be placed in a breakfast window thing in the kitchen so will have viewing access from two sides. My question is, what...
  4. TCJeeper

    Returning to the hobby

    Hello all! I've been itching to get back to this hobby for awhile after I helped my wife upgrade a decrepit 10 gallon she had. I set her up with a 20 gallon bow front with some easy to keep tetras and Molly's and now I'm looking to go big. Been researching a lot and brushing back up on my...