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  1. myrxn

    Buying shrimp

    Where would you guys say the best and cheapest (including postage) UK place to buy shrimp is? I’m trying to look but it’s tricky as all the postage is so high or it’s all out of stock
  2. myrxn

    Ramshorn Snail or Nerite?

    Hi guys so I want either two Ramshorn Snails or two Nerite Snails. I love ramshorns more they're so cute but I'm worried cuz people say they eat fine plants. If I fed the tank with algae wafers if there were no algae for them to munch would they not then eat the good live plants and just eat the...
  3. myrxn


    Hi guys so for my tank i want a veiltailed betta, several types of shrimps and maybe two ramshorn snails or two nerite snails (cant decide between ramshorn and nerite) What food should I get? I'm in the UK (including algae wafers incase I needed them)
  4. myrxn


    I wanna carpet the floor of my tank but not with java moss as I'm using that for the stones and stuff, I want an easy one that doesn't really need c02, I want one that preferably looks like grass but im not sure what to get and wHere, I'm in the UK
  5. myrxn


    Hi everyone I have an open top nano 30x30x30cm (12”) tank and I am planting plants in it, medium light and I was wondering what lighting I should get?? Not something too expensive tho. I’m in the UK and the tank is 5uk gallons
  6. myrxn

    How to raise or lower PH

    So I have a 30x30x30 (12inches) tank ready to be set up but I'm not till I know exactly what I'm doing BUT if I have that tank planted with all sorts, it will affect my ph I think because I will have more plants then fish, I'm getting a betta, different types of small fish such as red cherry...
  7. myrxn

    PH, KH, GH and all that good stuff

    Hi everyone so i know most of the basics of all of the levels with freshwater fish stuff but I was wondering if I ever need to raise or lower levels of any of the levels we test for such as PH, ammonia, KH and like all of them?
  8. myrxn

    easy plants

    Hi guys, so I wanna know what you guys think some good plants would be for me? I want to get amazon frogbit, a small anubias berteri 'petite', java moss and some water wisteria but other than that I'm not sure, id like some colouration in plants too (red) but I want plants that need low c02 and...
  9. myrxn

    What glue for aquascaping?

    Hi everyone so I've got some rocks, spider wood and I'm going to get some freshwater plants and I wanna know what gel glue I should use? I know some people use the super gorilla gel but that goes white in water and I don't like that I want it to just stay invisible so does anyone know what's the...
  10. myrxn

    Planted cycle

    Hi everyone I am going to do a planted tank and I was wondering if people could tell me what to do? Do I add anything to the water for the tank? Ive got a heater and filter I just wanna know how to cycle it with plants in thx. Plants being used are: Java Moss, Java fern, Water wisteria, frogbit...
  11. myrxn

    Square Planted Aquarium

    Hi everyone I have a new square tank and I want to make it planted. Can everyone show me pics of their planted square aquariums for ideas?
  12. myrxn

    Floor fish

    Hi everyone I'm setting up a 5-gallon fish tank and I was wondering what bottom fish would be good to put in there? its a 30x30cm so 12x12" and I'm going to get some cherry shrimp but does anyone have any ideas on a fewbottom fish I could put in there? thanks
  13. myrxn

    Betta & Corydoras

    Hi so i am setting up a 5 gallon tank and was wondering if I could keep a female betta and a few corydoras with it as I absolutely love both and really want them both but I'm not sure if I can, thx
  14. myrxn

    Heater for 5 gallon

    Hi does anyone know a heater that is good for a 5 gallon tank and doesn’t use a lot of power? I’m in the uk also, thx
  15. myrxn

    Filter for 5 gallon

    Hi everyone I wanna get a small filter for my 5 gallon and I’m in the UK does anyone know any good ones I could get? Thanks
  16. myrxn

    Shrimps in 5 gallon

    Hey, everyone, I'm making a 5 gallon planted tank with shrimp in and I was wondering how many shrimp I should do? I'm doing cherry shrimps
  17. myrxn

    Plants for cold waterish tank

    Hi everyone so I'm making a planted tank and I'm not going to be using a heater but the room is fairly warm but I was wondering what plants people would suggest? I want some duckweed for the top and something grass-like with some leafy plants but not sure what, any suggestions?
  18. myrxn

    5 gallon cold water fish

    Hi everyone I'm setting up a 5-gallon fish tank and I was wondering what fish would be good to put in there? I'm not using a heater but the room is fairly warm but I'm going to get some cherry shrimp does anyone have any ideas on a few little fish I could put in there? thanks