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    DIY Cement Background won't stop raising tank pH

    In mid-January I finished a diy aquarium background using this tutorial. It's a 30 gallon tank, but the background only goes up halfway so I only need about 20 gallons of water to cover it completely. For two weeks, I did 100% water changes every one or two days. Within less than 24 hours, the...
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    Lump on Danios Side - a repeatedly unanswered question

    One of my fish has had a lump on her side for about 6 months and the other has had it about 4 months. I originally thought it was a tumor of some kind, and since it doesn't bother the fish at all, I haven't done anything about it. These fish are all two years old. I have found several threads...
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    I just joined tropical fish forums. I am a college student who enjoys fishkeeping. My start to fish keeping was pretty unexpected. We were weeks away from moving into a brand new high school during a terrible season for ice dams. Water was dripping everywhere and the school decided rather...
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    Corydora Breeding Help - What am I doing wrong?

    I have one female and three male Peppered Corydoras that have been laying eggs like crazy, but I've had very inconsistent success. I always remove the eggs by rolling them off the glass with my finger so they stick to my finger, and then rolling them onto the side of another container. The...