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  1. sarabarton76

    From lurid to slightly planted - rebuilding my original 17g/ 65l

    Well I started out at Christmas with a lurid clown vomit tank and a couple of mollies (once cycled) I quickly realised that was maybe not the kindest environment, or most suitable so negotiated with the small dictator that a sandy substrate would be kinder for the fish, and gradually removed...
  2. sarabarton76

    How best to add guppies with mollies

    Hi all So, I have 4 adult mollies and 6 surviving fry in a 55g tank and am planning next steps for what we add. I have a couple of questions to ask those with way more knowledge than me... 1) I thought we had bought 1 male and 3 female but we actually have 2 of each. They are coping OK but...
  3. sarabarton76

    We have fry!!

    So I've been trying hard to get some pictures of my fish but struggling with my only camera on my mobile phone. Noticed my pregnant white molly particularly brave and hungry. Then noticed 5 or 6 fry. She's still clearly pregnant with visible black dots too. I was expecting fry because she has...
  4. sarabarton76

    recycling plant pots and weights

    Morning everyone. So, I've just done a lot of planting and now find I have a moderate assortment of the plastic plant pots, ceramic weights and root wool. I feel like these should be recycled rather than go to landfill. I googled rockwool and now feel a bit sad as I assumed it was...
  5. sarabarton76

    First attempt at a planted aquarium

    Hi all. I only joined recently, having a first freshwater tank since Christmas. I've found (common to lots of people here I'm guessing) that I've rapidly gone down a wormhole. I've lurked, and I've read. I've researched and tinkered. So I have very rapidly realised my 65l tank isn't really big...
  6. sarabarton76

    Newbie eager to learn

    Hello all! I've wanted tropical fish for a very long time but always been too nervous to dabble (and probably too busy) After a few years with an inherited fancy goldfish (sadly bubbled its last before Christmas) and with the mild good natured nagging of my 5 year old I have taken the leap. I...