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    lowering ph

    Any suggestions on lowering tank ph? Its currently 7.8 which i want to lower to around 7.5.
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    first dead fish

    My betta Finn died today, and i want to give him a proper way out any suggestions or what i do with the tank now hes dead do i do a water change??
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    Sick betta

    I previously posted about my betta with swim bladder and he hasnt gotten any better which had led me to thinking it could be something else im just worried and its been around a week he wont eat anything either i tried peas and he refused them.
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    Swim bladder help

    My betta has swim bladder which im pretty sure is due to overfeeding, i’ve left him alone for three days and have been trying to feed him peas and he just wont eat.( Ive already checked the ammonia nitrite and nitrate) I don't know what else to do? He just sits at the bottom of his tank
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    sponge filter recommendations

    Im looking for a good sponge filter for my betta since his current hob filter just seems too strong any recommendations as well as an air pump to attach with it ?
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    Advice on fake plants

    Im looking to get new artificial plants for my betta because ive been worried about his fins getting ripped on the current ones any recommendations?
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    Changing betta filter

    Sorry i don't know if this is the right place for this but i want to change my bettas filter from one which hangs off the back to a sponge filter since i think my current one is too strong. I just want to know how i should go about this without shocking him too much ?