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  1. robert clements

    Why Its It

    why is it when i ask for help i do not get help thats why i am comeing off here dont seem be any help at all
  2. robert clements

    Tetra In 1000

    i have a tetra 1000 pump and its not making air bubbles is this ok
  3. robert clements


    how long can snails live for out of the water :hyper:
  4. robert clements

    Deep Clean

    had my tank up and running for a year now would a a deep clean be ok. and i need to rewash the sand and clean the glass as well iam keeping the water. as well to be put back in well and trim the plants back as well. will this be ok
  5. robert clements

    Fresh Water Crabs

    what is the best food for fresh water crabs please they red claw crabs
  6. robert clements


    i would like to known how to put vidos on here please help
  7. robert clements


    when plants leafs decay do pick them off. or let them fall off and fish them out or let them do what they do in nature rot down is this ok
  8. robert clements

    Tiger Barbs

    i got a six foot by one foot fish tank how many tigre barbs could i put in it thank you
  9. robert clements

    Oi Sucker

    oi sucker you looking at me my mate sucker the pleco love him :good: :shout:
  10. robert clements

    How Many Frogs In 120 Fish Tank

    how many frogs in 120 fish tank i have 17 fish all together
  11. robert clements

    Juwel 120

    how many fish for a juwel 120 fish tank plus frogs af forgs
  12. robert clements

    Bristel Nose

    my bristel nose plec. he is 5 inches long name is sid
  13. robert clements

    Pictuer Of My Bristle Nose

    this is my bristle nose my friend gave me last week she did not like him i am well happy with him he about 4 inches :good: :hyper:
  14. robert clements

    Brstlenose Plecos

    how big do bristlenose plecos grow to i lost two plecos last month and got a bristlenose today :good:
  15. robert clements


    i had my tank since december now and the nitrite has been the same 40 ppm from the tap and in the tank as well the tank is planted is this ok or not :good:
  16. robert clements

    Brstlenose Plecos

    how big can bristlenose pleco get. i whant to get a small one and what l number it will be thank rob :good:
  17. robert clements

    Water Changes Evey Three Days

    i have been doing water changes every three days and the nitrite has gone up to 0.5 should i keep this up untill it gos down i done one yesterday and just going to do a big change now
  18. robert clements


    how offern do you clean your filter sponge once a month ore once a evey two weeks :good:
  19. robert clements

    How Much For A Pitus Cat

    how much would you pay for a pits catfish :good:
  20. robert clements

    Had An Emergencie

    got home from work this morning.and my filter was right under the water and i had to do a water test and it was 0.25 nitrite.had to do a big water change. well alls fine now test the water tommrow