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  1. jmeeter

    Video Showing Off My Black Friday Haul

    I got about $500 worth of stuff yesterday and only spent $250, due to Petco and Petsmart having 50% off on plants and canister filters. I figured rather than typing everything out I'd make a quick video so people can see my haul and also critique my tank.
  2. jmeeter

    Surface Of Water Covered In Bubbles

    What would cause something like this? I did an immediate 30% water change and that seems to have fixed it (for now).   I have a Fluval HOB filter and a DIY CO2 system. I checked the water parameters the other day and everything was within normal range.    
  3. jmeeter

    Will This Valve Work For Diy Co2 System?

    I'm doing some eBay hunting, trying to find all the pieces I need for a DIY CO2 system. I understand I need an on/off valve for my paintball tank and am wondering if this piece would do the job. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!        
  4. jmeeter

    Plants Thriving With No Ferts Or Co2

    Looks like your plants are doing well. Plants can always benefit from some extra nutrients, though.
  5. jmeeter

    Are My Plants Pearling?

    Last Saturday (so three days ago) I made a DIY CO2 kit for my aquarium and let it go to work. I've got a steady stream of bubbles coming out now (although it seems a bit slow) and now today I've noticed that a bunch of my plants have bubbles all over them and some plants are releasing a steady...
  6. jmeeter

    Does My Snail Look Healthy?

    I got this snail from my dad about 6 months ago and he looked pretty healthy... Lately his shell has changed color and he's got this blue area on him. Is he diseased?
  7. jmeeter

    Actual Watts Or Equivalent Watts?

    When determining watts-per-gallon, do you measure the actual wattage of the lights or the equivalent? For instance, I have 3 24" fluorescent tubes over my tank. They are only 17 watts each but put out the light equivalent of a 60 watt bulb (each). Which do I use?
  8. jmeeter

    My First Planted

    Wow mate, exceptionally good tank! Bravo!
  9. jmeeter

    Where To Pour In Nutrients

    Does it matter where in the tank where I pour in the nutrients? I noticed that when I pour them in, I can see a little 'cloud' fall down to the bottom of the tank... So would pouring directly over the root system be of any benefit?
  10. jmeeter


    How many watts per gallon does your tank have?
  11. jmeeter

    Best Algae Eater For A Planted Tank?

    I really like the Siamese algae eaters. We have had ours for over two years, still very alive and keeping after the algae! They have a voracious appetite and are very good cleaners overall. Picture:
  12. jmeeter

    Are Reef Tanks For Newbies?

    Been a while since I've had a fish tank, but would love to have a go with a marine/reef tank. Are these difficult to setup/maintain? I am quite of the initial cost of setting one up, but I just want to know if they are easier/harder to maintain. ;)