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    Algae bloom on plants

    Ok cool! Thank you Colin. I plan to improve the water movement and oxygen levels by adding an airstone and sponge filter soon. The black stuff is poor taste. I added black, smaller grain gravel and larger, natural stone gravel mixed together? It's a questionable choice I made. Not really sure...
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    Algae bloom on plants

    Hey all! I'm experiencing a pretty bad algae bloom on my plants. I currently have a bristle nose pleco in quarantine right now to help with the stuff growing on the glass that I can't reach, but my plants seem to be suffering a good deal from it. Any suggestions? Is it even algea? I water change...
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    Acrobatic Assassin Snails!?

    That is awesome! I'm surprised how attached I've become to my mystery snails. I initially bought two six months ago to just be tank cleaners. They do such a great job - I never once had to clean the glass of my 5 gal beta tank. They are the best - not as agile as your snail though :P
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    Spotty Tail on Oranda

    Good day, all! Wanted to give you an update. I think I'm finally turning the corner on this ich thing. Brad looks really good. Even the white bits on his wen are improving. An increase in temp (72 to 75) really seems to have made a world of difference - still treating with ich-x. I was on the...
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    Spotty Tail on Oranda

    Kordon Rid Ich That's so weird, that's not readily available where I am! I have Ich-X and Paragard on hand at the moment. I'm not using them in tandem, I just have them both. Ich-X came recommended by a YouTuber I follow and that's mainly why I chose to use it. Do you have an opinion on...
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    Spotty Tail on Oranda

    Thank you for clarification, Colin. The number one enemy for me in this hobby has been impatience. I’ll continue water daily water changes and dosing of my ich med.
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    Spotty Tail on Oranda

    Hey all! Since I posted, I saw improvement after the first day of treatment, but on the second day, more spots developed. Since then, the 'spottiness' has neither increased nor decreased. The fish is still acting fine for the most part. He's eating. However, I noticed twice now he's rubbed his...
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    Fish Gallery - Houston

    For sure - if I won the lottery I would get an install from them. Their custom tank builds are *chef's kiss*.
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    Fish Gallery - Houston

    Stopped by this place again today and they had THE CUTEST angler. They were selling it in a micro 9 gal marine tank as a kit. He is precious
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    Dream tank

    I would love me my 180gallon tank with lots of drift wood, rocks and mature plants. For stocking, I would like a fire eel, a birchir, ember tetras and silver dollars :O Could those all work together even?
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    Unpopular Opinions

    I actually like Aquarium Co Op too. I like Cory's business ethics and he's non-gate-keepy and chill. I also agree with the anti flowerhorn folks. Though I think Flowerhorn makes a sick last name XD
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    Advice on fake plants

    Yes, I recommend live plants too :) They are not as hard to grow as you would think. I really like anubias nana for bettas. It's a slow-growing plant, so you'll have to be patient while it establishes itself, but it has broad, firm leaves that bettas like to rest on or hide beneath. It also is...
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    Vote Now - January 2021 Pet of the Month contest

    I would like to enter my dog Bishop (Bishie) into the contest :) She is a three-year-old English Mastiff. She weighs only 98lbs (44.5kg)! I like to call her a teacup mastiff since she isn't over 120lbs (54.5kg) like her peers :p She is afraid of everything (including, and most especially...
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    Spotty Tail on Oranda

    Thank you very much, Colin! This is very informative. This website is a great resource overall :)
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    Spotty Tail on Oranda

    Thank you so much, all. I have Ich-X on hand and started treating yesterday night as soon as I saw your responses. I feel bad knowing I'm marinading my fish in formaldehyde and malachite green with Ich-X but it was immediately on hand and wanted to get it nipped in the bud before the oranda...
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    Share your bettas

    My Beta, Lestat. emerges from the shadows. He loves to hang out in the driftwood and the anubis nana :)
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    Spotty Tail on Oranda

    Hey fish friends! My hobby just expanded to goldfish recently :p I currently have three in a 50 gal, planted tank. My oranda gives me some concern. Yesterday, I noticed spots on his tail fins. When I got him about 4 days ago, he had a single spot on his dorsal fin that resolved overnight. I'm...
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    Fish Rescue Channel! Ohio Fish Rescue

    Have you all found this channel before? This guy rescues fish and it's just a super heartwarming channel. He converted his backyard pool into a giant pond for large fish. Plus, he has the most epic mullet known to man. Sometimes the rescue situations are a bit upsetting - seeing a huge fish...
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    Fish R Us - Conroe, TX, US

    One of my co-workers, knowing I like guppies, suggested this place. She was right - they had guppies FOR DAYS. But they also had lots of other fish - some I never saw before. Loved their rummy nosed tetras. They had a great selection of bichir. Upsidedown catfish?? Anyway - good place. All their...
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    My 55 gallon

    Beautiful! I love your substrate. What kind is it?