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  1. Torrean

    Which Plants Will Attach Themselves To Rocks

    java fern and java moss are the two I have tried. Anyone got any other suggestions?
  2. Torrean

    Continuation Of The Closed Youtube Thread

    Wolf how do you go about doing that (banning a link from a site). I thought about just PMing you to ask but I figured some others might like to know how as well. So I thought I'd just reopen the thread but change the subject,
  3. Torrean

    Sand Vs Gravel (posts Appreciated)

    I was sure there was a pin about the pro's and cons of sand and gravel but I can't seem to find it. So what do you guys think. List all the pros and cons of each that you can think of (that haven't already been listed by someone else) and list any corrections, opinions, or elaborations...
  4. Torrean

    Search Problems

    sometimes when I search for my own name to get to posts I've commented in it says that I haven't read posts that I have in fact read. It's kinda odd when it says that I haven't read a new post in a thread when I was the last poster. Anyways I was just wondering if anyone else experienced this...
  5. Torrean

    Anyone Ever "recieved An Electric Shock"

    Someone in another thread said that they would be worried if the hood and lights fell into the tank because of electrocution. I've had this happen to me...the whole hood didn't fall in though. So I was wondering if anyone else had "recieved and electric shock from there lighting system when it...
  6. Torrean

    Group Icons...

    This happened after the last update I believe. WHen you switch to the blue skin the group icon pics get messed up.
  7. Torrean

    May I Suggest

    I noticed that the fish in the banner at the top of tff has changed from martha. May I suggest that the fish of the year competition involving martha that took place last year become a recurring part of tff and that that fish becomes the fish on the banner for the remainder of that year. I...
  8. Torrean

    Pagebuilder Is Not Nice

    :shout: I have been working with pagebuilder for a while now and I must say I am not pleased in the least. The program is great, simple to use, easy to work with. But that's only when it works properly. I have been experiencing the same problem for a long time now and they have yet to fix...
  9. Torrean

    Multifasciatus? I Sure Hope So

    I've been looking for a small species of shell dweller for a good 3-4 months now, and I believe I found some. I was browsing a few lfs' looking for some shellies when I stumbled across a tank that said african cichlid fry $2 or 3 for $5. I got excited and bent down to take a look. To my...
  10. Torrean

    Shell Dwellers And Gambusia Affinis what species would you recommend. I'm thinking about multies or meleagris...
  11. Torrean

    Are You Bored

    I was walking by my 55 a few minutes ago and one of my lavender mystery snails was crusing along the top of the glass at the edge of the water. I wondered if I could get him to cruise over my finger so I stuck it on the glass a little bit in front of him. He cruised right up to my finger and...
  12. Torrean

    Gambusia Affinis

    I recently purchased 5 gravid gambusia affini from my lfs. I planned on using them to produce live food. I originally planned on keeping them in a 10 gallon but now I'm thinking about other options. I know they are very aggressive and are notorious fry eaters...but what if I put them in with...
  13. Torrean

    An Unpleasant Topic

    I thought this might be a helpful thread for those of us trying to decide what form of euthanasia to use when necessary. Please tell us about your experiences with various forms of euthanasia. Please include time until death (as near as you can tell) size and species of fish, illness (If...
  14. Torrean

    Anyone Ever Kept A Wolf Spider?

    I have a very large one about the size of my palm in an old cracked 5 gallon. I found another today...very small in comparison around 1/3 the size. I'm wondering if I could put them together? Would two females fight? How can I tell if the new one is Male or female. I'd hate to have spiderlings.
  15. Torrean

    Ammonia Test Problems

    I'm attempting to do a fishless cycle in order to test a filter design I came up with...I have been adding ammonia throughout the day today trying to get my ppm up to 5...I started with 20 drops and then started adding by the strawfull...well I got up to 60 drops and then 24 straw fulls (approx...
  16. Torrean

    Internal Fluidized Sand Bed

    I have an idea for an internal "sponge" filter. For examples sake let's say we are working with a plastic fish food container. Cut a bunch of small holes in the top of the filter...then cut four small holes around the outside near the bottom... next cut a hole the size of some standard air...
  17. Torrean


    About a week ago I noticed that my ten gallon was warmer than it usually is and that my jelly wasn't very active at all. I checked the temperature and it was well over 90 degrees farhenheit. Apparently I knocked the heater knob over and didn't notice it for god knows how long. I turned it...
  18. Torrean

    A Few Things That I've Mentioned In The Past

    I should probably just keep my mouth shut and not draw attention to myself I noticed a thread that got very was about advertising. I would've written about this there but it got closed before I saw it. If you look at my sig you'll see an advertisement for my website. It is still...
  19. Torrean

    How Do People Feel About People Adding To Pins.

    I read through the compendium of sand topic on changing from gravel to sand today and it seemed to be lacking any instruction on how to go about changing from gravel to sand. Since I had just finished instructing someone on how to go about this I took the liberty of copying and pasting my...
  20. Torrean

    Search In Child Forums If Sub Category Is Chosen?

    didn't the search form used to say seach in cichlid forum???