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  1. Tropical_Dave

    Switching To External Filter

    so ive already got a tank up and running for a while, fully cycled etc, but im stepping up the filtration from an internal fluval u2 to an external fluval 304. i was going to set up the 304 and have it running along side the u2 but im wondering how long would be a safe bet, i dont want to take...
  2. Tropical_Dave

    Pundamilia/ruti Island Cichlid Fry

    hello everybody, ive just bought some pundamilia fry which i am going to feed them cichlid veggie flakes that i give to my yellow labs. i was wondering though if i could also feed them high protein fish food? i know i cant give it to my labs as they would probably get bloat but i have always fed...
  3. Tropical_Dave

    'posting' Live Fish

    so at this moment im not planning on sending any fish through the post or courier etc, but someone has asked me if i am going to be selling any of my jewel cichlid fry and that they would be willing to pay for the postage etc. i know that fish stores get their stock through couriers etc but how...
  4. Tropical_Dave

    Jewel Cichlid Acting Very Strange

    hi everyone, i have a breeding pair of adult jewels, along with about 100 fry. couple of weeks ago i put them in a new 25g tank. they have been doing ok in there, got a little stressed and lossed their colour but it has been coming back and they have been coming out of hiding more and more. but...
  5. Tropical_Dave

    L Number Plecos

    so i noticed a long time ago that i was seeing alot of plecos in different fish stores with the 'L numbers' as far as ive noticed all being 3 digits, can anyone explain why they have numbers instead of or aswell as a normal name?
  6. Tropical_Dave

    Lighting For Planted Tanks

    so im wondering what the best kind of lighting i should get for my planted tank which i should hopefully be setting up in 2 weeks or so. should i go for the regular kind of lights, is t5 or t8 best? what wattage works better? or maybe L.E.D's are best? all help is much appreciated :)
  7. Tropical_Dave

    Cycle A Planted Tank?

    hi everybody :) im going to be starting my first planted tank soon, got a couple of tanks on the go already but this is the first one to have live plants. ive got pretty much everything sorted, just wondering how i should cycle it, like how long and anything else i need to add to the water...
  8. Tropical_Dave

    Parrot Vs Pleco!

    so Ive had my tank for 4 months or so, and the person i bought it from had it for a few months before me, apart from the 2 jewel cichlids i put in a separate tank all the fish have been living together happily for plenty of time, yet all of a sudden my parrot has decided he doesn't like my...
  9. Tropical_Dave

    Best Choice For Substrate?

    hi everyone :) im going to be starting a planted tank soon, got pretty much everything sorted or what i havent got i know what im going to get, apart from the substrate. i would like to know what other people rate as the best choice to give the plants everything they need and also not being too...
  10. Tropical_Dave

    Breeding Jewel Cichlids

    Hi there, im hopeing some of you can help me, i'm trying to breed my Jewel Cichlids but so far no luck. i bought a tank last year with a mixture of fish including the Jewels, definately male an female pair. they were always swimming together and had their own little territory. i was warned they...
  11. Tropical_Dave

    Tank Mates For My Parrot Fish

    hi there, im new to this site and still fairly new to the world of fish keeping. i have a parrot fish, who gets along ok with my other fish (gouramies, platties, pleco, angel fish and black ghost knife) i am about to upgrade to a bigger tank and i want to add some more fish but not sure what. i...