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  1. Luketendo

    Aggressive Clarkii Clown / Whitespot?

    Just a few days after my flasher wrasse having frayed fins my female clarkii clownfish has striked again. Although this time she isn't damaging the flasher wrasses fins she is chasing him away and over the past day or two I've noticed my wrasse has for most of the time been hiding behind my...
  2. Luketendo

    Flasher Wrasse Frayed Fins

    Over the last few days I have noticed my flasher wrasses caudal fin has become frayed slightly on the end. Over night it has got a bit worse with the fraying going almost half way into the fin. I've had trouble with my female Clarkii Clownfish before as it bit my Bangaii Cardinalfishes fins to...
  3. Luketendo

    Which Fish?

    Basically after 1 1/2 months of living together my female clarkii clown decided that she hates my Bangaii Cardinalfish and has bitten it's fins a lot. So on Saturday I'm going to return it hopefully for some money as I paid £30 for it. Anyway this has left me with a question of what to get in...
  4. Luketendo

    Clarkii Clownfish Aggression

    Over the last couple of days I've noticed my Bangaii Cardinalfish has not been at the front of the tank as much as usual. He/She is timid anyway and a juvenile. Anyway, today I've seen that the Cardinalfish is hiding in the bottom corner of the tank and has been nipped on the tail fin. He's...
  5. Luketendo

    Luke's Rio 180 Reef

    Aquarium: Juwel Rio 180L / 40G UK. 101cmW x 41cmD x 50cmH Stand: Juwel Rio 180 Stand Hood: Custom built by my father RO Unit: Ro-man Professional 75gpd (attached with y-piece) Salt: Red Sea Coral Pro (was on offer) Substrate: Approx. 4cm Aragmax Sugar Size Sand Filter: Standard Juwel Filter with...
  6. Luketendo

    Where To Buy Live Rock?

    Where do you guys think I should buy my live rock? I need 20kg of it and live in Sussex, so nearby shops or mail order will be needed.
  7. Luketendo

    Fish For Planted 10g.

    I need some fish for my new planted 10g moss tank to go with Ottos and Cherry Shrimp. I was thinking Green Neon tetras about 3cm or Neon Tetras slightly bigger, but I'm not sure.
  8. Luketendo

    Hole In The Hasemania Nana.

    Ok, so I went to my Nan's from Sunday-Thursday and come back and on Friday, realise there's something wrong with my Silver tipped tetras. Firstly, I discovered one had a big white-fleshy-ulcer-thingy on its side. Later this fell off. This has left a hole in the side of the fish, some of the...
  9. Luketendo

    Interesting Fish For A Small Tank.

    My friend may be interested in starting up fishkeeping. But he wants some interesting fish. The only problem is that the tank is only 60L, does anyone have any ideas on what interesting fish he could get.
  10. Luketendo

    Urgent - Rams Have Whitespot, What Should I Use?

    Ok I heard that when you are medicating with corys in the tank you need to half the dose, is this true? My rams have got whitespot and I need to start dosing after I have done a water change. Could I please have a quick answer? I need to started acting straight after I get home from school...
  11. Luketendo

    Moving Sand Problem.

    Ok well in my new tank, in the two of the corners the sand keeps constantly wearing away. The only guess of to why this is happening is because of the current, but my tank is 2ft tall! This is annoying because it uncovers the gravel I put in there and shouldn't have, but I thought it'd create...
  12. Luketendo

    My Water Hardness

    Ok since I live in Sussex I thought I was right in thinking we had very hard water... My water board emailed me with the results and it came up with this.. Total hardness as Ca Mg/1 50.52 Total hardness as Calcium Carbonate, CaCO3 mg/1 126.29 English degrees Clarke x 0.07 (9) According...
  13. Luketendo

    Cory With One Eye.

    Ok Yesterday I had to move all my fish to one tank for a day since I was setting up my new tank. My Yo Yo Loach was very shocked at this and he kept burying himself the whole time in fear / madness / insanity. Anyway I think during the night he must have picked one of my Sterbai's eyes out...
  14. Luketendo

    Luke's New Juwel Lido 120

    Tank: 120L Approx. / 32USG / 27 UKG (60cmL X 40cmD X 60cmH) Filter: Juwel Internal Filter 600lph, Fluval 104 480lph, 8 times turnover an hour. Lighting: 2 x 24W Juwel T5s. One 'Day' (Blue) and the other Nature (Orange). 1.5WPG (US). May upgrade in 6 months or more, will probably get reflectors...
  15. Luketendo

    Plants In Hard Water.

    I heard plants hate hard water. Is this true and will it be impossible for my plants to live?
  16. Luketendo


    What should I fill my filters with? They are filtering a 120l. Juwel filter is going to have a combo of coarse and fine sponges. I don't know if any of the others are needed, if so tell me. Fluval 104 I'm not sure about, I'm wanting to stick to fluval media as it's easier and available. I...
  17. Luketendo

    Plants Coming Tomorrow

    Ok my greenline plants are arriving tomorrow and my new tank won't be set up until saturday. What should I do with my plants until then? 1. Put them in one of my algae infested tanks? I'd probably just leave them floating or something. Or something else? Does anyone have an idea of to what I...
  18. Luketendo

    Where Can I Get Good Slate?

    I want some slate suitable for aquarium use, it needs to be quite thin, not extremely small and big enough to make a cave or tunnel out of. Does anyone know where I could get slate like this?
  19. Luketendo

    Angelfish Being Nipped - Going Away On Sunday.

    Ok well today I have woken up to find my angelfish (2 of them) have been nipped on the tail. I don't know what's done it really. The fish in the tank (60L) are: 2 Angelfish (small) 1 Pearl Gourami (female) 1 Yo Yo Loach 6 Silver Tip Tetra 6 Cherry Barbs 1 Zebra Danio 1 American Flagfish Take...
  20. Luketendo


    Soon I'm getting a Juwel Lido 120, the base area is 60x40cm and I need substrate ideas. I want it to be either sand or something topped with sand, because I need it for corys. I was looking at Tropica Plant Substrate but its meant to cloud the water. I don't really want to spend more than 30...