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    Marine Sources Cone Protein Skimmer Cs 120

    A video of my new Marine Sources Cone Protein Skimmer CS 120 Skimmer. This is turning out to be the best Skimmer I have ever had. Its filmed in HD but you might have to click the 720p at the bottom
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    My Nano Tank Water Change :good:
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    Tunze 9002 Airline Mod

    Seen This Mod Kicking Around On a Few Forums. So I Decided to Mod Mine And Film It
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    Jad Wg-310 Protein Skimmer Review

    JAD WG-310 Protein Skimmer Review :good:
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    Samsung R10

    Just testing a new camera out
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    Hi Testing a new webcam out for the first time.
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    Diy Overflow Pipe

    my DIY overflow pipe :nod:
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    Small 72l Tank

    Hi I have a AquaEL Brillux 60 Aquarium with some plants in and a few shrimps and fish. But i am now thinking about striping it down and starting it up as a small saltwater tank. I would like to keep some corals and inverts in it. The tank holds 72 L of water and has two 18W T8 fluorescent...
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    Cherry Shrimp For Sale

    Baby cherry shrimp for sale. Mixed sizes mainly around 1 cm. The Shrimps are £1 each and will be sent by Royal Mail special Delivery. Next day service. The cost is £8
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    New Shrimpy Video

    Shrimpys Heavy Ball part 2 UPDATE Hi guys. i have just found another site to put the videos on . it has much better quality than YouTube. the only conditions are that you have to turn your sound up till your ears bleed. ok they never said that . i did...
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    New Shrimpy Video

    New Shrimpy Video :good:
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    Shrimpy International Shrimp Of Mystery

    You need your sound on for this.
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    Shrimp With Only One Claw

    Hi Guys. i was in a pet store the other day and i seen a shrimp with only one claw. well there where about 10 of them in the tank. as the shop was full i never got a chance to ask the staff what it was. it was about inch long with one claw. anyone know what it might be ? and would it be ok with...
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    Gh Booster And E.i Dosing

    Hi Guys. Is it ok to make a stock solution with Potassium Phosphate and Potassium Nitrate and some GH Booster all in the same bottle to add to my tank. Thanks All
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    Safe Fish With Shrimps.

    Hi Guys Can anyone recommend some small fish that would be ok in a 2 foot tank with some shrimps Thanks
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    Plaster Of Paris

    Hi Guys does anyone know if its ok to use pure Plaster of Paris to lift the GH of my Aquarium water a little.
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    Small Planted Tank

    Hi all I am thinking about setting up a small planted tank which will hold about 70L. it will have one tube at 15 watts. do you guys think i will be able to grow some low light plants in this tank. if not i could add another tube giving me 30 watts of light. if i did go for the two light set up...
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    Barbed Connectors In The U.k ?

    Hi Guys Anyone know where i can buy Barbed Connectors from in the U.K . i am thinking about making a DIY External Reactor and i need the fittings for the end of the tube. i would like the kind where you drill a hole in the end caps push the fitting in the hole and a nut would screw on to the...
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    Pick And Mix Lighting

    Hi all i was wondering what you guys think to my lighting. its a 60 U.S gallon tank and at the moment i have 144 watts of light over it. this works out at 4/ four foot tubes. what I'm thinking is should i add another tube to it to give me 180 watts of light. i also have 2/ 46inch T5 tubes . 54...
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    Please Help My Plants Are Growing Funny

    Hi Guys. Can anyone please tell me what wrong with my plants. some of them are haveing a problem getting up :crazy: they are bending and twisting. i am running a 60 U.S gallon tank with 144 watts of light. i have 30ppm CO2 and i am doseing both Micros and Macros everyday. Thanks. pic pic 2