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    Marine setup

    GL Yes i do have a handy person when i let him out that is lol Speak soon
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    Marine setup

    GL What is the minimum equipment that i would need to be able to set the tank up. Many thanks
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    Marine setup

    I am not scared off just a bit skint at the moment so will need to save or get bit by bit.
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    Marine setup

    Thanks for the link Whacky but I think that I will need to save my money for quite a while first or get things bit by bit. Speak soon
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    My new marine setup

    Hi I dont meean to sound silly but what is a sump, refugium etc speak soon
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    Marine setup

    Hi GL & Whacky Thanks for the info, I am now wading through it seeing what sinks in and what goes whoosh over my head. Will be in touch soon once I know where I am going with it. One question I have is I know how Tropical tanks are setup but how is everything done with Marine a layout diagram...
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    Tank Idea

    CM what do you think about this for an idea of a tank setup. 48 x 12 x 15 3 Cynotilapia Afra (1m/2f) 1 Lodotropheus Spregerae (m) 3 Labidochromis Caeruleus (1m/2f) 3 Labidochromis Hongi Red Top (1m/2f) 1 Metriaclima Estherae (f) 3 Pseudotropheus demasoni (1m/2f) 3 Pseudotropheus socolofi...
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    Marine setup

    Could someone please do me a sort of shopping / things to get list so i can start looking and finding out prices Many thanks
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    Persian Cats

    My Persians all come and sit on my lap or as close to as they can get whilst I am watching tv. I dont even know they are there most of the time as they sleep on the highest place they can get usually the top of my welsh dresser in the dining room speak soon
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    Loaches and Corys

    Hi I keep both Albino and Peppered Corys in a tank with clown loaches and they get on fine no problems speak soon
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    Marine setup

    Hi GL I would be interested in finding out about setting up a marine tank could you offer any help / assistance. :)
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    Persian Cats

    Hi Folks If there is anyone in here interested in Persian cats please get in touch. :)
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    Hi--I'm a newbie from Tucson, AZ

    Hi and welcome to the forum. Have fun and keep sane
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    hi all

    Hi Phil Welcome and have fun, that link Mac put up is probably your best place to start with B) Donna B)
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    Hi Folks Can anyone help I have got a Synodontis from a LFS and they had it labled as a Spotted Synodontis but i cant find anything out about these can anyone help please. Many thanks B) Donna B)
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    Help please

    Hi Folks Does anyone know of a place near to Birmingham where I can get a tank bigger than 5' from please as I am stuck. Thanks in advance B) Donna B)
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    HI PPL

    Hi I am also new here but thought i would welcome you to the forum. Have fun. B) Donna B)
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    The gravel cleaner I have you lift it up and down in the water and it starts the syphon itself so no fishy water mouth for me. In your reply to the other question I spit lol B) Donna B)
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    Davy - Ph is 7.5 , GH & KH ?? I use an undergravel filter. Tatya - I have been adding fish food to create a biological filter.
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    Hi there I got no soul but could get you some place lol :D You lot are a lot friendlier than some other forums I am a member of. I am from the West Midlands for those of you that asked, if you didnt you know now. Speak soon Donna