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    29g Cube Stocking

    Hey all, I wanted to know if I was over or under stocked and was seeing if I should add or give away any fish. 2 angels and 1 bristoenose pleco(I CANT BELIVE I FORGOT THIS) Thanks all for any suggestions Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Parasite? Something In The Gravel

    Hey Guys, I found this weird thing in my gravel. They are two on each other's back Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Acclimation Tips

    Hey all, Today I wanted to go over acclimation and find your tips and opinions on it. My way: First, all I do is float the bag to get the temperature close, then I dump the fish into a net and let the water go into a bucket and put the fish in the tank. The reason for this instead of drip...
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    Fish Tank Rack Update Added Middle Supports

    Hey all dom here, I bought a miter saw and added middle supports for my tank.
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    Petsmart 1 Dollar A Gallon Sale Right Now

    Yo, Just picked up 2 20s and 3 more 10s just wanted to let everyone know it is at petsmart. I Will give an update on my fish tank rank with all of them set up. Best of Luck, Dom
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    Fish Tank Rack Setup

    Hey all Yo its dom and i want to show you my latest project. it house 4-5 10g on the top and 4 20g on the bottom built all for around 50-60 dollars now just got to get the tank. Also i am stocking the 10 gallon on top please give advice on what fish Thanks, Dom
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    Update On Fluval Chi, And Betta Identification

    Hey guys dom here Just got the anubias in and also put the betta in, can someone give me the gender of this betta? Thanks Dom Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Fluval Chi Setup

    Hey All, Setting up a tank for my moms betta fish. I will be posting an update tomorrow with the fish inside and I will add plants. I want tips on what plants. I am using Pool Filter Sand with 2 root tabs inside. Thanks, Dom Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Sent from my iPhone using...
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    Stocking 5 Gallon

    Hey guys,   I got a fluval chi, and was wondering how many dwarf crayfish I could stock inside. Also would a betta do fine with them?     Thank you,   Dom
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    Corydoras Cross Breeding

    Hey all,   I have bought two different types of corydoras the lazer green and orange lazer and was wondering if they crossbreed. If they do, do they make a bad hybrid?   Thanks all
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    Shrimp Babies

    I looked into my tank and saw 3 little shrimp guys on the tank glass.   i only got 1 pic but he is tiny and hopefully more show up:     Here
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    Breeding Red Cherrys

    Hey All,   I was looking for any tips on breeding red cherry shrimps. In the tank I have two moss balls, a sponge filter, dwarf baby tears, and aqua soil for the plants. I feed them hikari shrimp cuisine and once in a while an algae wafer. Anything I should add to the tank or take out. Any tips...
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    Fish Tank Stands

    Hello All,   I'm trying to upgrade my fish room but I need a diy tank stand. Any help will be appreciated.      Thank you,   Dom