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    Joining The Salty Side.

    Hi all I'm a large tropical fish owner who has been given a 4'x2'x1' tank with some ok and rubbish equipment. The tank is pretty thin, and as I already have my monsters I will be sticking to reef and small cute fish for this Marine tank. It's too early to start thinking about fish, at the...
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    Tsn, Cichlids & Shark Collection

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    Irian Golden Nugget Gudgeon

    Hi guys Did what I said I'd never do and thats come away from the LFS with a fish I have never seen, heard or read about before. They informed me it was a Irian Golden Nugget Goby, although Gudgeon may be the correct name? Its around 4" long, looks great and loves blood worn. My knowledge...
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    Help With New Fish Choice

    Hi everyone. New to the forum, and to fish ownership so please excuse my limited knowledge. I have been buying fish with my daughter for our friends tank for some time now so decided its time for our own. We have bought a 130 litre, 62cm x 38cm x 53cm tank, with plenty of natural plants and a...