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  1. Brilly91

    Our small collar making business....

    Hi all, I have been a little absent on the forum for a while as i have been busy setting up a business selling handmade pet collars, leads etc with the other half. Some of you may remember me talking about it in the old chatroom so thought id give you a random update. We have been selling now...
  2. Brilly91

    Handmade Dog Collars

    Our latest make, loving this one!
  3. Brilly91

    Tank Of The Month?

    The competition was one of the things that brought me to this forum when i joined. I felt it gave me something to aspire to being a newbie at the time and kind of set a standard to which i wanted to achieve. I won tank of the month eventually but it was slowing down sadly when i won so felt a...
  4. Brilly91

    Handmade Dog Collars

    Prices vary depending on size & width of collar but generally around £7-12
  5. Brilly91

    Handmade Dog Collars

    Sadly not. Tempted to make a lead up for picture purposes though. Since this thread i have looked and noticed a real lack of metal hardwared fabric collars, rather odd!
  6. Brilly91

    Handmade Dog Collars

    An order i made for a customer today with all metal hardware on it.   
  7. Brilly91

    Handmade Dog Collars

    Made a rather long lead today for a customer. I do get the feeling she will regret the colour choice when the ground is wet and muddy!
  8. Brilly91

    Handmade Dog Collars

    Yawn. Didnt even respond to you as you never mentioned a pulling dog.
  9. Brilly91

    Handmade Dog Collars

    and i was suggesting an appropriate option if it was a real fear of yours which any normal person would do. Your example was also based on a pulling dog so my suggestion was a sensible one. Neither did i suggest it was your dog. I do not recommend walking on collars to anyone myself so of course...
  10. Brilly91

    Handmade Dog Collars

    Not trying to sell any on here thanks.   If you take advising on an animals welfare as arguing then so be it. There are sooo many potential risks to walking a dog on a collar i wouldn't even want to go into it
  11. Brilly91

    Handmade Dog Collars

    These are probably the best plastic clips i have ever seen. They are really tight to get together. No cheap parts.   Also without being a preacher if a dog pulls enough for you to worry about clips coming apart it should be walked on a different aid such as a harness or headcollar...
  12. Brilly91

    Handmade Dog Collars

    Looking for some feedback really on an arts and crafty type hobby that me and the missus are looking to turn into a business.    Hope its alright to post this on here and not seen as advertising. :S       What do you all think of the photography and are they something dog owners would buy...
  13. Brilly91

    Fish Tank Recommendations

    Personally id go custom built every time since owning one. The price of one from somewhere like ND is actually really affordable especially for the quality you would be getting. You can also make use of as much space as possible as dimensions wont be an issue. I would then stick any left over...
  14. Brilly91

    My First Planted Tank Ever

    Its a nice start. My first planted tank started out with a mixed pack on ebay. I found it was a really good way for me to see what plants i liked and what ones i didn't. It looks alot better with the black background on it. Looking forward to seeing it progress.
  15. Brilly91

    Colorado - 140Ltr Opti-White

    Simply Amazing!
  16. Brilly91

    Water From Tank Has Wet The Carpet And It Now Smells

    Sadly chances are you wont get rid of the smell yourself if its soaked through into the underlay or worse floorboards? A professional carpet cleaner may be able to repair the issue via repeated hot water extraction but make sure its a professional as home use ones will only make the issue worse.
  17. Brilly91

    Why Every Reefer Should Have A Generator.

    Don't i know this to well! Lost all my corals and fish not long ago. :(   Will be investing in a generator at some point.
  18. Brilly91

    Starting Tropical Set Up In A Red Sea Max C-130

    Youll be fine with the rsm c-130 just make sure you thoroughly clean it out.   obviously the lights wont be the right spectrum so it may be worth doing some diy to replace the light in the hood with something more suitable.   You wont need the skimmer anymore either.   Its an expensive tank to...
  19. Brilly91

    230 Gallon Reef Tank.

    Ive been mia for a while but glad i had a nose on your thread looking great mate :)   Wish i had a sump room instead of a tight cupboard :( haha
  20. Brilly91

    Harry's Back! 70L Reef Tank

    Looking good mate :D    When the weather picks up abit more give me a shout and ill send you some zoa frags, got loads of different varieties, some i got for free are taking over a bit so will pass some on.