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  1. PrincessKiara

    My Dog Tore Up My Java Moss!

    What can I do for it? Even if it survives, will it still be useful for anything tankscaping-wise? She hates water, but was so desperate to tear my poor moss that she stuck her nose in it anyway to steal it and then stood wagging her tail at me and begging for a bone in the midst of all the...
  2. PrincessKiara

    Can't Id Plants...urgent Help Please!

    Hi guys! Sorry for the last-minute post, but a guy is going to deliver some white silica sand to me tomorrow and I need to ID the plants soon before I order them so he can bring both at the same time. Can someone please help me ID these? I'm pretty sure some of them are crypts but....  I swear I...
  3. PrincessKiara

    The Great Big Exploding Fish Tank!   o3o what a nightmare!! THAT is why my mom doesn't want me to build a 50-gallon tank. >_< DX
  4. PrincessKiara

    Chat's Dead?

    Nobody is ever in chat anymore... I hope this site isn't dying like what happened to WWM. That would break my heart... :(
  5. PrincessKiara

    White Sand In Planted Aquarium?

    Hello all! I'm back at long, long last! And FINALLY I met a fellow aquarist in person, who will help me build my own tank! I want at least a 60g. But I'm gonna start propagating my plants now if possible, in a jar in the yard... cause now I live in Cancun and there is lots of sun for them. I...
  6. PrincessKiara

    Camp Nanowrimo April 2014

    Is anyone else participating in this year's April Camp NaNoWriMo?  What are your word count goals? What are you writing about? My parents say I'm very rebellious, but for some reason here I'm not a rebel. Maybe I should be, just to keep up appearances. But I don't really want to...   I'm doing a...
  7. PrincessKiara

    Finally Made My First Cover! :d

    *happies*   We were really nervous, but we did it! V3 is coming and improved hahaha   I love this song because I empathize totally with Spirit's plight...I myself can imagine I'd feel this way, if I could go back to the States right now...
  8. PrincessKiara

    Mutilated Bullfrog Tadpole

    Hi all! You probably know I've rescued some tadpoles and feeder fish, and some people here were kind enough to ID them both for me. I sent off an email to the WWM Crew asking for advice; I'll post it here:   Then, of course, Jack decides to rip off half the tail of one tadpole. I separated them...
  9. PrincessKiara

    Rescued An Adorable Cichlid!

    Sorry, I just had to do it. I saw an ADORABLE cichlid in a tiny tank teeming with feeder fish, both alive and dead (he was maybe 1.5" long and the biggest fish in there, and some sort of Apistogramma, I'm nearly sure) and couldn't stand the thought of him getting eaten, so shoot me, I bought the...
  10. PrincessKiara

    Traveling With Fish (Moving And Don't Want To Leave My Babies, Hel

    Hello! My parents are planning ANOTHER move. Thankfully this time it won't be international, but it will apparently involve a plane ride. I will have to leave the tank behind, but since we're heading to a tropical location I'm taking the plants, the snails, the angels and the cories with me at...
  11. PrincessKiara

    Feeder-Fish Rescue Operation (2Nd Try)

    Hello! How are you guys? Chat's still acting up for me :'( Miss you all! Anyway, I've still been busy with my fish. Bought a bagful of 20+ feeder fish (mostly mixed, unidentified livebearers; defs not guppies or anything else I know) for 5 Mexican pesos a couple weeks ago, along with two...
  12. PrincessKiara

    Pregnant Sword Has Something Poking Out Of Her Vent

    I've had two swordtails for awhile now and the female has been preggo looking for nigh on two months. A couple days ago she started looking really fat and square so naturally I thought she was about to pop and redoubled my vigilance to catch any fry. Then I saw something orange (same shade as...
  13. PrincessKiara

    Picked Up A Freshwater Pipefish! (Feeding)

    Hello all! The father of one of my friends owns a small pet shop (mostly fish) near my house, and they were selling pipefish. Since my veterinarian uncle assured me that they can be trained to eat flake (and my friend said hers did), today she brought me a tiny pipefish, max 2.5" long (probably...
  14. PrincessKiara

    Freshwater Clams? Help Please!

    Hello all! Sadly something in my dad's network is blocking out the chat and it will now never load for me! :'( So I am forced to resort to this method of communication instead. I want you all to know that I miss you guys over there! (Teacher, WB, EJE, I'm talkin' to you!) Anyway, tomorrow I'll...
  15. PrincessKiara

    Chat Room Won't Load For Me

    It doesn't matter what browser I use. I can see who's there, but the chat window stays on "Please wait while we load the chat room" and nothing loads. I can send chats, but not see others' chats, and I am unsure whether others can see my chats. What's going on? LOL :P
  16. PrincessKiara

    Angelfish Fighting

    Hello everybody! As some of you no doubt know, I have been wanting angels for the longest time, and now that I have a large enough tank, I finally decided to try for a breeding pair, so I bought three Paraibo Blushing youngsters, intending to buy more later, grow them out and let them pair up...
  17. PrincessKiara

    Id This Fishy Please? [Pic]

    Hey y'all! How you been? I've been so busy with school and tests and field trips that I haven't been able to come here much at all! Anyway, I finally dug up an old pic of a fish I had years ago and really loved. Can anyone ID him for me? His name was Hex, but I'd like something a bit...
  18. PrincessKiara

    Flake-Eating Pipefish And Angels? Quick Help Please!

    Hello! As some of you may remember, I have a 240L tank with a 100L sump setup, filled with bio-balls. Here are my tank stats: Planted: Somewhat (corkscrew Val, Amazon Sword, hornwort thicket, Elodea, some sort of creeper plant); far more to come soon Decor: One lava-rock arch. No driftwood as of...
  19. PrincessKiara

    Sick Angels (White Fin Spots, Lethargy, Clamped And Dark Pink Right Pe

    Hello! A week or so ago I bought three 2" Paraibo Blushing angelfish (the smallest one has black marbling on his fins and head). They seemed fine until three days later when the small one began hiding at the bottom behind plants. He was still eating though and I assumed he was fine. Now he looks...
  20. PrincessKiara

    Angelfish Genetics

    Hi! I just got three small Angelfish. They were supposed to be Platinum, but the lady got me what she calls 'pearlscale'...problem is they are a semi transparent (or at least translucent) shiny white, and the fact that I can see their spine annoys me. I know Platinums are not transparent and...