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  1. Brilly91

    Our small collar making business....

    Hi all, I have been a little absent on the forum for a while as i have been busy setting up a business selling handmade pet collars, leads etc with the other half. Some of you may remember me talking about it in the old chatroom so thought id give you a random update. We have been selling now...
  2. Brilly91

    Handmade Dog Collars

    Looking for some feedback really on an arts and crafty type hobby that me and the missus are looking to turn into a business.    Hope its alright to post this on here and not seen as advertising. :S       What do you all think of the photography and are they something dog owners would buy...
  3. Brilly91

    Nd Aquatics 48 X 24 X 18 Tank, Sump & Cabinet

    Make/Model/Size: ND Aquatics 48 x 18 x 24 Sumped Condition: Used Age: 1 Location: Ipswich Quantity: 1 Price: £400.00 Delivery: Collect Reason For Sale: upgrade Information: ND Aquatics 48 x 18 x 24 Sumped tank with cabinet and pelmet. I brought this tank brand new around a year ago but have...
  4. Brilly91

    Any Zoa Keepers On Here?

    Wondering if theres any zoa keeps on here?   Im a huge fan of zoas due to all of the different colours & sizes they come in.   If anyone has any could you please post pics, aswell as a little paragraph on positioning, lighting etc   Heres my frag rack   Some of my colonies   My zoas are...
  5. Brilly91

    Live Rock Alternatives?

    Been thinking about alternatives to live rock as fed up with one of my tanks which has become full of nasties and would like to give one of the alternatives a go.   Now i know of two alternatives and only one really tickles my fancy...   1 - Aquaroche  - This really grabs my atttention as it...
  6. Brilly91

    Led's Vs T5's Reef Tanks

    Looking to start a friendly topic on peoples opinions on leds and t5 for reef tanks.   After having my LEDs for a good few weeks now ive come to the conclusion i prefer them over my old 6 x 39w t5s and i have several reasons for this.   Running cost - My led lights run on alot less power and...
  7. Brilly91

    Active Members On The Darkside?

    Just wondering how many active members on here are running a salty tank? and could we all post pics below as it would be nice to see everyone elses tank.   Also i think we all need to start posting more topics      
  8. Brilly91

    New Tank!

    Thought id post a pic of my new soon to be reef tank :
  9. Brilly91

    Brillys 48 X 18 X 24 Reef

    Going to start a journal when i get a bit of time so heres a full tank shot to get things started :D  
  10. Brilly91

    Been Rather Busy :d

    Thought id put a pic up of what ive been upto since ive neglected this forum alot lately :)
  11. Brilly91

    Girlfriends Little Tank

    not been very active on here lately after giving up on the tropical side of things and moving onto a slightly salty world.   However the girlfriends stayed true to the tropical side of things and redone one of our tanks.  
  12. Brilly91

    Aquamanta Efx 600 Filter - Ipswich

    Equipment make/model/size: Aquamanta EFX600 Filter Quantity for sale:1 Reason for Sale: Moved to salty Delivery or Collection: collection or local delivery Sales price: £80 Location: Ipswich Photograph: All negotiations and questions must be posted in this sales thread and NOT by PM...
  13. Brilly91

    200L Tank And Stand - Ipswich

    Equipment make/model/size: 200 litre all pond solutions tank and stand Quantity for sale:1 Reason for Sale: moved to marine with sump Delivery or Collection: Collection or local delivery Sales price: £160 Location:Ipswich Photograph: All negotiations and questions must be posted in this sales...
  14. Brilly91

    200L Tank And Aquamanta Etx 600

    Equipment make/model/size: All Pond Solutions 200L Tank & Aquamanta EFX 600 Quantity for sale: 1 Reason for Sale: Gone salty Delivery or Collection: Collection Sales price: £300 ono Location: Ipswich   Everything in the...
  15. Brilly91

    Stand Build

    To start with heres my mascot for the build :D     So today me and my dad started building my stand ready for my 48 x 24 x 18 sumped marine tank   I wont bore you all with the usual i got timbers and made a rectangle stand and then clad it. Mainly because i forgot to take pictures of those...
  16. Brilly91

    My First Marine (Brilly91)

    Thought id post a few pictures etc of my first marine tank. So after 10 years of wanting but being either too young or too poor, i decided now would be the ideal time for me to finally get a tank. After a lucky moment on ebay i stumbled across a redsea max 130 complete with live rock, corals...
  17. Brilly91

    Watch Out Salt World. Here I Come !

    So thought id set up a journal ready for my new set up. Ill be ordering the tank later this week and then waiting and planning for its arrival in 3 weeks time.   The display tank is going to be 36" x 18" x 18" (about 190L) with a sump also.   As of yet nothing else has been planned, any brand...
  18. Brilly91

    Leaning On The Edge.....

    Sooo Im leaning on the edge of setting up a marine tank just a little push from doing it. All i need is a good set of arguing points to convert one of my tanks as the missus isnt as keen. So lets all get creative and get me there.
  19. Brilly91

    Guppies With Lumps! :s

    Hi Guys.   Been out for the evening and when i got in noticed a couple of my guppies have developed lumps on one side of their stomachs.......   Any ideas what it could be?  
  20. Brilly91

    My Yorkie/pom

      This is Rocky aka gay paws as hes always got them crossed.