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  1. JT-SCFC-1912

    Ways Of Dimming Aquarium Lights

    Does anyone know of a good way of making your lights not so bright. I'm planning on getting a uaru fish in the coming weeks or so. I've been looking at floating plants. But dont really want to keep the lights on in my juwel vision 450 tank on the hours and hours when I'm in work. Any...
  2. JT-SCFC-1912

    Golden Nugget Plec

    My misses has just purchased a fluval edge 46l, at our LFS, they have these awesome golden nugget plecs at 3-4', and my misses loves them!, now would you be able to put one of these in a fluval edge and it'll live comfortable?, if and when it gets bigger it will go in my juwel vision 450 so no...
  3. JT-SCFC-1912

    Uaru Cichlid

    I'm trying to find out some information on the Uaru cichlid, but for some reason cannot find a lot of information on these cichlids :/ Anybody have experience of these cichlids?, Anybody know any links, need to do abit of research :)
  4. JT-SCFC-1912

    Aquarium Heater With Led Display

    I saw this at my local MA, thought this was really cool, anybody got this in their tanks?
  5. JT-SCFC-1912

    Fluval Fx5 :)

    I'm picking up my fluval Fx5 tomorrow from my LFS. I Cannot wait. I heard that it doesn't come with filter media is this true? Anybody got an Fx5. If so is this true. What media do I need to get?, all of it or only some?
  6. JT-SCFC-1912

    Not Another Thread About... Gravel To Sand

    I want to change from gravel to sand, but having a tough time in choosing which to go for. I would like to go for a black sand but all the LFS near me only sell the fine black gravel, no good lol. Anybody recommend some?, possibly which they sell at MA?
  7. JT-SCFC-1912

    External Filter For Juwel Vision 450

    Looking for some tips / advice really, I currently have the standard internal filter which comes with the vision 450, also a fluval internal U4 filter. Now I've been looking at external filters which are more powerful and to provide that extra space in the tank. Has anybody got the fluval...
  8. JT-SCFC-1912

    Are Golf Balls Safe?...

    Does anyone know if I can put in a golf ball into my aquarium, and it will be safe and won't harm any of he fish? Anybody tried this?, want to entertain my Oscar 'Doug' ha :)
  9. JT-SCFC-1912

    Taking Fish To Ma

    Has anybody taken any fish to MA, even if they haven't purchased the fish from there?. Did you get any store credit?
  10. JT-SCFC-1912

    Advice On How To Get Fish Out Big Tanks

    Evening all, Sometime tomorrow / this week, I would like to get 2 of my yellow labs & one of my firemouths (reasons store credit at LFS) problem is I am really rubbish at this! Lol. I have a vision 450, which as you all know is a 4ft tank. Anybody like to share how they catch fish in their...
  11. JT-SCFC-1912

    Advice: Live Food For Cichlids

    Has anybody purchased any live food (crickets, mealworms) and fed them to their cichlids, mainly want these for my Oscars, has anybody fed their Oscars or any other cichlids stuff like this. I've done some reading up on this, and apparently it's really good for cichlids to eat stuff like this...
  12. JT-SCFC-1912

    Betta Compatabillity With Musk Turtles

    Does anyone know if you can mix a betta with a musk turtle?, would like to start this as a little side project
  13. JT-SCFC-1912

    Api Aquarium Salt

    Purchased some of this today, apart from a possible treatment of white spot, does it have any other uses? It states on packaging that it can be used during water changes Anybody use this?
  14. JT-SCFC-1912

    My Oscars - Reggie & Marley

    Just thought I'd share this picture with you all.   I've had Reggie & Marley now for about 5 weeks and 2 days (Reggie the biggest of the two) is really guttsy   They are never far apart from each other, they seem to get on perfectly with Squits (the pleco) also, all 3 of them are like best...
  15. JT-SCFC-1912

    Horse Field Tortoise

    My misses wants to get a horse field tortoise, has anybody got one? or has anybody kept these or any other tortoise? Maybe a stupid question in regards to illness, do you self treat them like fish OR is it something you'd have to take to vets?, what illnesses do they get?
  16. JT-SCFC-1912

    Cichlid Help

    I saw a picture on here a while back of some sort of Cichlid, I have no idea what they called but description wise I'd say it sort of looked like a German ram but it has got like a red marking near its mouth sort of like the joker off the dark knight film :S lol anybody know?
  17. JT-SCFC-1912

    Fluval U4 Filter

    Maybe an obvious question but, I recently purchased a Fluva U4 filter on the weekend for my smaller tank, I have now decided not to use this filter due to moving tank to a relatives house. Question is can I use this as an 'extra' filter for my Juwel vision 450?, If so can I just put it in the...
  18. JT-SCFC-1912

    Yellow Labs / Stocking Ideas / Tank Mates

    I'm constantly thinking on what to do with my 40 gallon, first I was thinking African Cichlids, but prob due to the size they'll grow it looks unlikely :( We have some amazing yellow labs at my LFS, thinking about purchasing them as a shoal, now to my understanding they are really aggressive...
  19. JT-SCFC-1912

    South Wales (possible Fish Keeping Clubs 2013?)

    Title of thread says it all, it was mentioned on a thread a few months back but has gone uber quiet! Anybody interested in forming a TFK Club for the South Wales area?
  20. JT-SCFC-1912

    Starting A Fresh: Cichlids Tank

    In the new year I shall be starting a fresh on one of my smaller tanks; This tank is a 40 gallon / 180l. It's bigger height wise rather than length wise, sorta like a cube shape, exact measurements don't know exactly I would like to start a cichlid tank, I would really like some bright...