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    Purple hair, carrying a small cat. Got it. See you there. Maybe.

    Purple hair, carrying a small cat. Got it. See you there. Maybe.
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    Fish Auction In Bradford, W.yorks

    Please do, I'll be with my wife and a 6 year old daughter, cant miss me, I'm 6'2" and as skinny as a teenager lol
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    Joining The Salty Side.

    Now I'm interested further, whats the dark side of the salty workd then? Thanks for the advice, just been to see the LSF and agreed on a price on the rock, at £10 a Kilo I'm happy if a complete wall isn't needed. I have 200 litres, is it right I need 20KG? Thanks, it's a little salty, but nice...
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    Fish Auction In Bradford, W.yorks

    Where abouts and when is it?
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    More New Corals! :s

    Love the blue sponge.
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    Joining The Salty Side.

    Hi all I'm a large tropical fish owner who has been given a 4'x2'x1' tank with some ok and rubbish equipment. The tank is pretty thin, and as I already have my monsters I will be sticking to reef and small cute fish for this Marine tank. It's too early to start thinking about fish, at the...
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    Tsn, Cichlids & Shark Collection

    Wow, some real hostility in here lol
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    6X2X2 180G Journal

    That is lovely wood, where is that from?
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    Tsn, Cichlids & Shark Collection

    I have enough space for a 8' x 3' tank once they get a little bigger, but they are fine at the moment. I was a little unsure about the Jag, but I rehomed some of the Cichlids and I felt a little guilty about leaving him on his own so I took him with me. I have a tropical pond from a family...
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    Bog Wood / Twisted Wood / Hollow Logs

    Can you use dead wood from the forest? I found three lovely pieces near my house id like to use if possible. All are dead, dry and very light. Would defenatly need a boil or three but what's the crack with using wood from the woods?
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    Tsn, Cichlids & Shark Collection

    I have room for a larger tank, it's plenty big enough for them at the moment. Twice weekly water changes is the only annoying part lol Thanks for the tip on the filter, just e-mailed a chap with one for sale in the classifieds at the moment. This is the tank size.
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    Tsn, Cichlids & Shark Collection

    The tank is 500 Litre, the TSN will be going in the pond once he's grown, the rest will stay in the tank. Filter wise, I have two Internal Flurial U4's, and an external Aquis 500 but this has been playing up so I am on the look out for a better quality external filter at the moment.
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    Tsn, Cichlids & Shark Collection

    Someone else mentioned that today also, they seem fine now, I had an external filter failure of days ago they are all much happier now the tank has settled again. The tank isn't over stocked, there is a new rock area they were all fighting over but they have settled down now.
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    Tsn, Cichlids & Shark Collection

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    Aquarium Backgrounds

    That's a shame, I've just emailed custombackgrounds regarding making me a background for my 5ft x 3rd tank. Didn't think about the fact it's full of fish!
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    Two Of My New Fish In My New Tank.

    Thanks, got bored with the boring fish so picked up a pair of Oscars and a Tiger Shovelnose and swapped the little tank with a 500 litre tank to keep them going till they get a little bigger. Bought the tank off the eBay for a bargain price, came with 50 fish, although most of the small ones...
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    Irian Golden Nugget Gudgeon

    The video has uploaded, guess YouTube still have to check it out. It looks very similar to that yes.
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    Irian Golden Nugget Gudgeon

    Hi guys Did what I said I'd never do and thats come away from the LFS with a fish I have never seen, heard or read about before. They informed me it was a Irian Golden Nugget Goby, although Gudgeon may be the correct name? Its around 4" long, looks great and loves blood worn. My knowledge...
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    Help With New Fish Choice

    Im adding a sand beach so the pebbles will be moved at the weekend, going to plant them at the same time. I have a 6 girl old girl who has a fish tank rather than a puppy, hence the pink ;) I grabbed a couple more fish today, a golden gardneri, Dwarf gardneri and a red gardneri I've forgotten...