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  1. Fishguy13

    Electric yellow tank mates

    Hello, I was just wondering what I could put with electric yellow in a 48 gallon (182 litres) tank. I was thinking electric yellows and bn pleco so far. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Fishguy13

    Gravel for African cichlid tank?

    Hello I was wondering if gravel can be used instead of sand for African cichlid?
  3. Fishguy13

    Krib tank mates

    Hello, I was wondering what I could have kribs in a 48 gallon/180 litre. I was thinking Congo tetra x6, bristlenose x2, kribs x2, rams x3, keyhole cichlid x1.
  4. Fishguy13

    What sort of snails are these?

    Hello I was wondering what sort of snails these are?
  5. Fishguy13

    182 litre cichlid tank stocking

    Hello, I was wondering what cichlids that could go in 182 litre tank they will be running off the same filter as angelfish so need to be the same ph i was wondering about red kribensis, keyhole and blue acara. But i do not know if i will be able to get all of them or if they go together. I was...
  6. Fishguy13

    Are these anglefish eggs?

    Are these angelfish eggs as the angelfish are acting aggressive and not letting other fish near.
  7. Fishguy13

    Post pictures of your bettas

    I thought it would be cool if everyone showed of their bettas, I like the different varieties and I am getting one pretty soon hopefully.
  8. Fishguy13

    Can I use slate found out side in my tank?

    Hello, I was wondering if I could use slate that have just found laying around to make a bit of a cave thing, and is any super glue safe?
  9. Fishguy13

    When will platy drop fry?

    Hello, my female mickey mouse platy has been pregnant for about a month and still has not given birth yet. I was wondering why she has not done so yet?
  10. Fishguy13

    Questions about keeping betta

    Hello all, I have seen many amazing pictures of betta on here and now I am looking to get some, and I just had a few questions. I am actually hoping to breed them do you recommend that to a person who has been keeping fish for a bit over a year? and can you keep shrimp with or will they be eaten?
  11. Fishguy13

    German blue rams

    Hello, When I get my bigger tank I am hopping to get German blue rams and was wondering what else I could keep with them and minimum tank size. Thanks Fishguy13
  12. Fishguy13

    Getting platie to breed

    Hello, I was wondering ow to get platy to breed as I have had my platy for some time now but have not got any fry. Do you have to feed any special foods and constant water change? I hope to get a few fry as I am interested in getting them to breed. They are in 65 litre fish tank. Thanks, Fishguy13
  13. Fishguy13

    breeding brislenose plecos?

    Hello I am new here, but I was wondering about breeding bristlenose plecos when I get a bigger tank. I have done a bit of reading about it but was wondering if you remove the male bristlenose once eggs have hatched. Thanks Fishguy 13