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  1. Gizaroo2

    My New Betta Falx Pair I received my new betta falx pair in the mail yesterday. They are super cute :) Was surprised when acclimating them that the male had been holding fry! He released them in the bag and I was able to pull 8 of them...
  2. Gizaroo2


    Sorry, no pics yet! Just starting up a thread for my new chicks. We will be getting about 15-20 total. :) They'll be used mostly for egg layers...There's just nothing like fresh eggs. They'll be free range in our yard. It's been a dream to get chickens my whole life, and it's finally coming true...
  3. Gizaroo2

    Unable To Access Chat Room

    Chat will not let me in today. It keeps giving me the message: "The IP.Chat room limit has been reached. You will not be able to join the chat room until some users first leave." Is anyone else having this problem?
  4. Gizaroo2

    Vesuvius' 5.5 Gal

    The water is still a bit cloudy from adding the stone and more sand, but here is his tank rescape. :) Sorry for the screen shot, but photo bucket is being a pain and won't let me download the actual photo into my phone. Will update with a new photo once the water has cleared.
  5. Gizaroo2

    Meet My New Boy!

    Meet my new boy. I purchased him from Randy Henson, with RockSolid Bettas! (Great quality bettas for a great price!)   I've had him for about a week  and a half now. I don't have a name for him, nor a permanent tank. He is in a 3 gallon Critter Keeper until I figure something out, heated of...
  6. Gizaroo2

    My Betta Sorority

    Hi all! I just recently purchased a beautiful male betta from a breeder (Randy Henson, RockSolid Bettas) I had mentioned to him that I would like tountil I have a divide for the puffer start a female sorority in the future. Long story short, he sent me 2 free females with my boy! ! So, I...
  7. Gizaroo2

    Puffer Tank Had A Makeover!

    I gave the Dwarf Puffer tank a makeover today. :) I couldn't stand how it looked before. Considering it's the first scape I've done larger than a 2.5 gal betta tank, I'm quite pleased with it.
  8. Gizaroo2

    Re-doing The Dp Tank

    Hi all. I now have the dwarf puffer tank I helped my fiance set up back in January. Today is day 4 since I got them...and I can't take how horrible the tank looks anymore. I just finished rinsing the black sand I purchased for it, and I believe that is ready to go in the tank. I have a bunch of...
  9. Gizaroo2

    Diego, My Newest Boy

    I've had him for about 3 weeks now. I figured it was time to introduce him. And a video of him.
  10. Gizaroo2

    Draco Update!

    Draco has healed up remarkably from his incident with the terra cotta pot awhile back. Here are some new pictures I got of him tonight! (Finally, one of him flaring!)
  11. Gizaroo2

    Rescued Another Fish!

    Hi all! I rescued a new fish the other day. :) Unfortunately, I won't be keeping once I get him healthy, one of my coworkers will be taking him. The initial fish I wanted to rescue, but didn't have anywhere to put, was no longer there. I don't know whether he passed away, or was finally...
  12. Gizaroo2

    Meet Saphira!

    Everyone, meet Saphira! She is my first ever female betta. :) Here are a few pics of her in her new, temporary home. (she'll be moved to a larger tank of at least 2 gallons soon.) This one is heated and filtered, as I found a complete tank down in my basement I had forgotten about xD.
  13. Gizaroo2

    New Girl

    Well...I just exchanged poor ruger for a little tiny crowntail female that Petco had. She is such a pretty shade of blue and has a black face. :) She has quite an attitude already...kept puffing at my fingers on the container she is in. Here's a couple quick pics of her! Will get better ones...
  14. Gizaroo2

    Disinfecting Live Plants After Betta Death

    Hello all. I came home from work yesterday to find that Ruger had passed away. I don't know what happened. He was alive yesterday morning, and I had been doing water changes like I normally do to keep the water pristine for my guys. I acclimated him over an hour and a half when I put him in the...
  15. Gizaroo2

    Yet Another New Boy!

    I'll post more pics of him in his tank once he's settled in. He's swimming all over the place right now. Can't believe I got another one...xD I'm up to 5 now. That's my limit though, can't get anymore. But he's a coloration I've been wanting for awhile...the slate gray. :)
  16. Gizaroo2

    Tango Is Really Coming Along!

    Tango has really developed a wonderful personality. I cannot believe he is the same fish I brought home a week ago. He's eating great, and has a real attitude! I love him! Soon, he'll be joining me on my computer desk once I get a section cleared for him. (Have alot of paperwork sitting around...
  17. Gizaroo2

    Tango Update!

    His new home...still in progress. An Aqueon Evolve 2, 2 gal tank. Heated and filtered (once I can figure out a way to baffle the current a bit). He seems to really like it! I need to get some different gravel and another plant or two, then I think he'll be all set. Oh, and I need to put his...
  18. Gizaroo2

    Oops, I Did It Again!

    I brought another betta's the scoop. I went to the petstore to get bird food for one of my parrots, and as always briefly looked over the bettas. There were several that were in bad shape...I feel so bad for them. 3 crowntails I saw had been tail biting and several others were just...
  19. Gizaroo2

    Draco Vs Snail

    I went to drop in a small piece of algae disk for the 3 small snails I have in Draco's tank earlier today. The little piece happened to float down next to my smallest snail (which was my favorite!) and the little pig of a betta went after the disc. Even though I dropped him a piece of food...
  20. Gizaroo2

    White Worm-Type Things In Tank

    Hi all! Quick question for you guys. I noticed these white worm looking things swimming (sort of) around in one of my bettas tanks today. It is due for a good cleaning (not just the routine water changes), but all water tests are normal and the betta is acting normally and not as though these...