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  1. Kirsty5

    Finally A Picture Of My Dog :)

    :good:Curiosity101. Just had a look and realised that Biokid101 is in USA. Sorta upsets me further really as I know there are even more dogs there being killed regularly, and not by kind means. They can be gassed in a box en masse, it takes a long time; slowly being gassed to death....... And...
  2. Kirsty5

    Finally A Picture Of My Dog :)

    Will you keep the other pups too? :) So many are being killed......... Sorry, I have to say it as its not in my nature to not ask and to not question why people bring more animals into the world where so many do not have homes and are killed needlessly because so many keep breeding them. I am...
  3. Kirsty5

    Bath Time And Wires :3

    :lol: Still saying POTM for Cally and her wires :good:
  4. Kirsty5

    And This Morning I Found These

    I want!!!! :wub: They are stunning, hope you find great homes for them!
  5. Kirsty5

    Bath Time And Wires :3

    A: question: bath a cat: why?!!! :lol: Poor buggers :lol: B: photo 3 of Cally with the wires is also nominated by me for POTM - her look is precious!!!! :lol: (How dare you do this to me you infidel!!!!).
  6. Kirsty5

    Finally A Picture Of My Dog :)

    Gorgeous dog :wub: Can I ask why you wish to breed her?
  7. Kirsty5

    Pug Doesn't Play With Other Dog's

    Hi, are you able to tell me more about your little one: Have you had her since a pup, if so or if not, please tell age acquired. Has she a dubious history, (i.e. bad owner), if you did not get her from a pup. If you "purchased" her, what was her original home environment like? Other dogs...
  8. Kirsty5

    The Pitter Patter Of Tiny Feet.....

    Love your dog! I have one that is similar and he is my baby! He's one amongst 5 and the mud, well, its not the rainy season here, but after the snow and then some rain, its everywhere! The other day I had the washing machine running for 4 loads :rolleyes: The back of our Land Rover is covered...
  9. Kirsty5

    Our Crazy "pup"

    Bless him, and bless you for looking after him with all his issues. One of mine is a fairly recent rescue and has issues with separation anxiety. She has also wrecked many things including a brand new sofa, a solid wood coffee table, an antique blanket box, several bed sheets, duvets and...
  10. Kirsty5

    Kitties! Lot's Of Piccies!

    Gorgeous kitties! :wub:
  11. Kirsty5


    Gorgeous boy :wub: The good thing is that you know of his problems, and therefore, will be able to treat them. Be positive; he doesn't know he's ill but you do, and you have all the worry of this, but he doesn't :nod: Good luck with the injections, it will soon become 2nd nature and he will be...
  12. Kirsty5

    In The Snow

    I have 5 dogs, yet only 4 like to go out in it! I got quite panicky last time we went out in the heavy stuff as one of them showed signs of hypothermia :sad: yet was quickly scooped up, wrapped up and cuddled to death until he recovered properly. Shocked me actually, as he was running around...
  13. Kirsty5

    Swapping Filtration System - Advice Please

    Brilliant, thanks so much and will do! :good:
  14. Kirsty5

    Not Massive, Not Impressive, But Its Mine And It Makes Me Smile :d

    Thanks all, I love it to pieces no matter how small. Don't think its up to scratch for TOTM though! Some of the pics I've seen on there are amazing :wub:
  15. Kirsty5

    Swapping Filtration System - Advice Please

    I have been running a little 35 litre tank housing a Betta with an air pump and sponge filter and am considering swapping this for a small filter with spray bar. Can anyone tell me if I should run the filter with said air pump and sponge filter together for a while or can I cut some of the...
  16. Kirsty5

    Not Massive, Not Impressive, But Its Mine And It Makes Me Smile :d

    Thanks Euston..... I do leave food in for them after lights out - not sure if they have any or whether the snails eat it.... I always vacuum any left overs out the following day and repeat again in the evening. It distresses me to be honest, whereas the Betta eats immediately and you can...
  17. Kirsty5

    Newbie Here - From England!

    UK too! Enjoy being here :good: Post photos soon for all to enjoy :nod:
  18. Kirsty5

    Not Massive, Not Impressive, But Its Mine And It Makes Me Smile :d

    Thanks so much markandhisfish, very kind of you! Too much Cabomba in the background - used to have the background mimicking the foreground substrate but its going mental!:crazy: Sorry for extra reply, but "Edit" isn't working for me: Can anyone recommend a good camera for taking photos of...
  19. Kirsty5

    Not Massive, Not Impressive, But Its Mine And It Makes Me Smile :d

    :lol: Katty, yes, I have a sad side - part of me wants to be natural, the other side has a Fairy Tale to it and you're right - the tank suffered because of it :lol: Euston - all I have is Fingers, (Betta Splendens), and a few Cory's.....). Sadly, I am very worried about the Cory's as they don't...
  20. Kirsty5

    Not Massive, Not Impressive, But Its Mine And It Makes Me Smile :d

    My little tank (Sadly knocked off a few of my artificial branches but they will be replaced :lol: ).