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    Yellow Eggs?

    I just noticed these small, very yellow things up on the side of the glass, in the corner. Some are on the glass, some are floating. The ones on the glass do not look like they were intentionally placed there, but just got there from the water flow. They have a rather squared-off shape, rather...
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    Lighting/coral Question

    My rectangle 10g tank has a hood that holds 2 of those screw-in florescent bulbs. Without having to change this, are there any easier/less expensive corals that would work? I'm not wanting a full-blown reef, but a couple of decent looking corals would add to it, I think. Thanks for the help!
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    Will This Addition Be Too Much?

    In my 29g tank I have a occ. clown, a coral beauty, a valentini puffer, and a lawnmower blenny. It's been running great for about a year now, and I'd love to add a six line wrasse (actually, I'd be replacing my royal gramma with it), but am also thinking of adding a b/w occ clown in hopes of...
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    Setting Up A Nano

    I have an empty 10g sitting around, and you know how that is! Can't let that happen..... So, I'm thinking of trying a small sw tank. My 29g has been running great for about a year, so I think I'm ready for it. Here's what I'm looking at stocking with: yellow watchman goby (or rainfordii if yw...
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    New Addition Not Doing Well

    I just got back from the lfs with a royal gramma. Beautiful little fish! However, as I was floating her bag (I think all RG's are female... they look like little princess fish to me) I noticed she was not acting right... seemed to be on her side a good bit. As I finished acclimating her and...
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    Adding Light Strip

    Is there a way to add a light strip to a normal old tank hood? I was thinking if there was a cheap/easy way to lay another strip on top (I guess where the lid door normally is) that it'd be cool to add a little extra light to my marine tank. Any one know of a way to do this? Thanks!
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    Need A Little Help

    Hey folks - it's been a while since I've been on, and now I need some serious help. We're expecting a baby in a while and some of the tanks have to come down (at least for a while, until we add on to the house). I'm having horrible trouble trying to figure out what to keep and what to return, so...
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    Peppermint Shrimp

    I've had 2 for a while now (I guess about 6-8 months) but I never see them. Is there any thing I can do to encourage them to come out more?
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    Invert Population

    How much is too much when it comes to stocking inverts in a tank? What is the general rule?
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    Sw Tank - New Lr Arrangement

    What do you think of this set up? It didn't come out looking quite as I had hoped, but I think I like it all right. The picture is rubbish, but you can see how it looks, at least. All opinions/advice welcome! Oh, and yes the yellow thing is fake... my little boy was just sure the clown fish...
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    A Few New Pix

    Here are a few of my fish... there is a valentini puffer (who now eats from my hands!), a clown, a coral beauty angelfish, a group shot including my cleaner shrimp, a lawnmower blenny (can you find him??) and then Crush, my red-eared slider. I know they aren't great pix, but I just can't really...
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    He's Spoiled....

    My valentini puffer, who I just got a few days ago, is already spoiled! She will eat, but only a little, unless I hand feed her. She will actually eat from my hand already! She's such a cutie, too, buzzing around the tank. She has the angelfish and clown so much more active, as well. Even if she...
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    Rearranging Lr

    I am thinking of arranging my lr so that it's stacked up on one side, then tapers down towards the other side. The right side of the tank would be open sand, with a little open sand along the front and back edges for cleaning purposes. I have 2 questions, though. One is whether the weight would...
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    Room Temperature

    How much does the room temperature affect the water temp in a tank that has a heater? It seems that my tanks are never as warm in the winter as they are in the summer, even with the heaters set the same (or even a little higher). How much of a difference is considered normal?
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    Heater Question

    Can you put a submersible heater in a tank that is smaller than what the heater is rated for? The heater in my turtle tank (20g tank, about 16g water) is just not keeping it warm enough and the only other heater I could use in a 200w. I don't know if this will over heat the heater and mess it up...
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    Quick Filter Question

    On an internal filter, do you have to use the hanger or can the suction cups hold it on the tank good? I have one but I want to put it lower in the tank, just not sure if I'll wake up to it laying on the bottom. If it has to be on the hanger, is there a way to lessen the flow? It's stirring the...
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    Last Inhabitant

    In my 30g I have a clown, and LM blenny, a yellow watchman goby and a coral beauty angel. I would like to add one more fish to finish it off, but can't decide what. I've had a pearl jawfish before, but my blenny and clown took him out, so I think I want to steer clear of anything that looks...
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    Empty Tank...

    As it says, I'll be having an empty 29gal soon. I am thinking of some sort of cichlids, but not community fish. I'd rather have 1-3 slightly larger ones or even a small group of those Africans. So, what would you do with it? :shifty:
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    Starfish Injury?

    My knobby starfish seems to have some sort of injury. It starts about 1/2" up, between 2 arms. It's just a pale, washed-out grey color. He seems to be fine, traveling, eating, etc. but I'm concerned about it getting some sort of secondary infection. I am thinking he must have fallen off the side...
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    Upgrading! Woohoo!

    For Christmas I've decided to use the 55g tank I'm getting to upgrade my sw tank. I'm trying to decide on the stocking for it and need a wee bit of help. In the 29 g I have now I've got an Occ. clown, a lawnmower blenny, a watchman goby and a pearl jawfish. I am planning on adding a coral beauty...