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  1. guppybreeder1

    Pregnant Red Tail Tetra

    one of my tetras is fatter than the others and im woundering wether i should put in a pregnancy tank to lay eggs or leave them till they hatch? i dont know what to do?
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    my fantail goldfish is swimming on his side at the top of the tank and is unable to swim down. dont know if its the swim bladder what should i do?
  3. guppybreeder1

    Platy, Male Or Female?

    :fun: i got three mickey mouse platys yesterday and one has a gravid spot but the male fin underneath? :crazy: any one know why?
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    im looking for seaweed sheets for my malawi's does anyone know where i can get them? like these: :good:
  5. guppybreeder1

    Panda Corys

    anyone know where to get some panda corys near liverpool
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    how do you join the monthly competition's :crazy:
  7. guppybreeder1

    Hiding Fish

    i think its a african peacock, and i got it about a weak ago but now its starting to hide under a rock all the time, i am woundering if i got it pregnant. is there anyway to sex them. ive only had a malawi tank since just before xmas. :fish:
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    :pepsi: i was woundering how long tropical freshwater shrimp live for? :good: :fish:
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    -_- im thinking of getting ride of my kissing gourami and getting guppys i only have the gourami, 1 ballon molly and a mickey mouse platy. :crazy: what do u think? :huh:
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    I got a malawi tank off a neighbour and it has pearl gouramis and gold gouramis, i have a kissing gourami in a different tank i want to know if it will go in the malawi tank? :good: :fish: thanks