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  1. Freakshow1966


    I would like to set up a Guppy tank. The problem is my pH is low (6.5) and KH is pretty much 0. Would it be ok to do the Guppy tank with crushed coral. I think that should create a better pH and hardness. Would you agree with this?
  2. Freakshow1966

    Snail Porn?

    I have two gold inca mystery snails. The keep climbing on top of each other. Is this fighting or breeding? Honestly i have no clue how you sex a snail so they are indeed a mystery to me.
  3. Freakshow1966

    A handful of questions

    Got a few questions if i may; 1) Im thinking about adding a C02 system to help with plants. Whats a good one without it being super expensive. I was looking at this one...
  4. Freakshow1966

    Build Thoughts

    Hey guys. It's been a hot minute since I had a tank set up. Its time I think for a new one. Now I am by no means a newbie but I don't consider myself an expert either. This go round im doing things totally different. So tell me if this sounds ok. 1) Sand substrate (always had gravel with UGF...
  5. Freakshow1966


    I am planning on setting up a tank come spring, just researching ahead of the game. One of my favorite fish is the Neon Tetras. Now im seeing green neon tetras, will these school together with normal neons?
  6. Freakshow1966


    My brain hurts, i cant decide to do a tank with gravel or sand. What are you using and how has it worked for you?
  7. Freakshow1966

    New guy question

    Ok so i have decided to get back into aquariums. I have had many since i was a child, but it has been a good while. I have always had a 20-gallon tank, this time i am going for a 40. Its been at least 10 to 13 years since i had a setup, im sure things have changed. Anyway, i have a problem...
  8. Freakshow1966

    The New Guy

    Hello, Im new round here and just wanted to say hello. I currently do not have an aquarium set up. I will be doing that come spring, so i figured that gives me time to research and get all my gear. Im sure i will have plenty of questions.