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  1. wendywc

    Using Lexan For A Tank Lid

    I went to my local hardware store to pick up a small sheet of Lexan. It's extremely durable, doesn't yellow, and (big bonus) I can cut it myself. I've done this before to make a lid for a tank I sold on here a while ago. Anyway, this time I noticed on the label that it "blocks harmful UV...
  2. wendywc

    Another Cory I.d. Needed

    Will try to take better pictures, but this is the best so far. Notice the black in the top fin. They were being sold as Corydoras napoensis, but don't look it according to this:
  3. wendywc

    Wow, I Have Really High Ph

    I didn't realize my pH would be so high. I usually just test for ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite only especially since I finally got this new 55 gallon tank started. But yesterday, I decided to do the whole set of tests. How does this bode for my inhabitants, should I start trying to drop the...
  4. wendywc

    Fs: 29 Gallon Setup, $50 --- Houston, Tx

    So I've decided to focus on just one tank. After setting up my 55 and moving all the fish to it, my 29 gallon setup has to go. I'll try to take pictures tomorrow. The 29 gallon setup includes: - 29 gallon tank, 30"w x 12"d x 18"h - black oak stand, 30" high - Eclipse 3 hood/light/filter...
  5. wendywc

    Deep Sea Creature With Transparent Head Video here:
  6. wendywc

    Not Receiving The Validation Req'd

    Hi. Apparently I am new again! I changed email addresses, but I'm not getting the validation in order to confirm my new email. I've tried "Resend Validation" already 3 times. And I've triple checked that the email address I entered is correct. When I try entering it again, it says it's...
  7. wendywc

    My First Cat!

    Well, a neighborhood kitten found her way to our yard back in late November. We fed her, so she kept coming back and staying on our back patio. And yes, I finally gave in right before Christmas and named her which makes her permanently ours now. Of course, shortly afterwards, it was...
  8. wendywc

    Another Lfs Closing Near Me.

    It seems like as time goes by, there are less and less independent stores around and the big box/chain stores take over. Over the past two years, these are the stores have closed near me. - Neptune's Garden (Houston, on Fuqua Rd.) - closed 2007 ... but then bought by Megan two months later -...
  9. wendywc

    Hurricane Ike Aftermath Pictures

    Not my pictures, but they deserved to be seen. The pictures are mostly of Galveston and Bolivar, but there are one or two pictures of Kemah and one picture as far away as Corpus Christi. These pictures are just amazing. It's...
  10. wendywc

    Can't Decide: Tropical Vs. Coldwater

    This would be for my empty 55 gallon. It's 48"L x 13"W x 20"H. And yes, it's been sitting for about a year and I'm going crazy with it empty. But I can't decide what to do; which is also making me crazy. I'm trying to decide between these two setups: Tropical Community - 6 to 8 rainbow...
  11. wendywc

    Sunpaq 48" Lighting --- 130 Total Watts With Two Lunar Lights

    Also have a SunPaq 48" long light strip. Used it for 6-7 months also and has been sitting around since May. 2 X 65W actinic compact flourescents with the square pin connectors. Built in with 2 lunar lights. A slightly older model of this one: <a...
  12. wendywc

    Trip With My Dog To Arkansas

    Traveling by car. Overlooking the Little Missouri River. Posing. :D At the Garvan Woodland Gardens. Beautiful place and they allow dogs. :good: Tasty tulips. A shot of us together. (Yes, that me. :X ) And relaxing on the bed at the lodge. :devil: :wub:
  13. wendywc

    Caterpillar Found On My Pepper Plant

    Tentative ID is a tobacco hornworm. It seems to match the pics I found here. I left it there this morning and I don't want to kill it, but we'll just wait and see how badly he eats my plant. I'm willing to let him eat a branch or two though.
  14. wendywc

    Silence Of The Bees It came out in early 2007 and I remember watching it then, but I re-discovered it since it's online. You can watch the entire show at the above link. Or if anything, go to the 7:45 point of Part 1 which has an amazing explanation...
  15. wendywc

    Fs: Eheim Classic 2217 External Canister Filter

    I have a Eheim 2217 that I no longer use. I had it for 6-7 months when the 55 gallon was up and running as a freshwater setup. Comes with the media, tubing, quick connects, and spray bar. All in great working order. Want $100. I do not have the box or manual; not sure where the manual went...
  16. wendywc

    Can Anyone Id This Macroalgae?

    A friend spotted this at a new LFS that opened up. Can anyone ID it? TIA! Here's her post from her blog.
  17. wendywc

    New Avatar Doesn't Show Up

    I see the new avatar that I uploaded when I do My Controls and then edit avatar. But then I look at my posts and profile and it's still the old one. Any guidance???
  18. wendywc

    My First Fish Pictures Of The Year

    Yep, I'm slow. ... Any comments or critiques on the pictures are always welcome too. The rummynoses. A couple of the gouramis. The loaches. And the hidden bristlenose.
  19. wendywc

    Every Page Is So Slow To Load

    So far, I've click on the main page, a couple of section pages, and a few topics. They all take about 1-2 minutes each to load. Just wondering if it was just me. Thanks.
  20. wendywc

    Weird. Found One Rummynose On The Floor

    I don't know how he could have gotten out. It's a totally enclosed hood. The only hole is for the wiring. So the only explanation is he crawled up the wires (above the water line) to the hole and then slide down them on the other side to the floor. Oh and the wires are in the back, so then...