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  1. FroFro

    Male & Female BN Pleco

    My male pleco is finally two inches in length, nearly the same size as my female BN pleco in my 65 gallon main tank. I bought him with the intention to breed them since she seems to get gravid quite often despite only ever breeding once... then she ate the father. He was only half her size so...
  2. FroFro

    White spots on my angelfish

    Came home tonight to find these white spots on my girl. They don't appear fuzzy, just slightly raised from the skin. My male has no similar marks or defensive wounds so I'm thinking they didn't fight, they aren't a bonded pair though. I also noticed her colors were very vibrant in a way that...
  3. FroFro

    Does anyone know how to contact moderators?

    I'm having an issue and need to discuss something with an unbiased moderator. Does anyone know how to contact one? The mobile version of the site isn't letting me load the help option at the bottom of the page.
  4. FroFro

    Spiderwood and angels

    Is spider wood safe for two large angelfish? They aren't veiltails but are fairly large and I don't want then to get injured.
  5. FroFro

    Cardboard backgroung needs waterproofed?

    I recently got a hold of a cardboard cutout of one my favorite movies and I'm wanting to convert it into an aquarium background, but my issue is that its not waterproof! Does anyone know a way to waterproof cardboard without painting over the design? I read online using waterbased...
  6. FroFro

    Black Moors question

    So the 1 dollar a gallon sale is going on at petco right now. They have 29 gallon tall tanks and long tanks. I thought about setting up a tank as an early birthday present for my father and entertained the idea of making a goldfish tank. The only goldfish I think may be suitable would be black...
  7. FroFro

    Angelfish fins?

    Came home from work and noticed 2 of my angelfishes fins looked squished and inflamed at the base. Unsure of what this is. If it matters the silver with black stripes is a confirmed female and the other is male. However I've seen no indication of mating behavior. I performed a 30% water change...
  8. FroFro

    BN plecos eggs?

    My plecos decided to give me a surprise this morning. This is what I found behind the sponge filter when I went to adjust it's position. Now I'm not really interested in breeding, so should I do what I do with my angels and just let the other tankmates eat the eggs? I'm concerned about this...
  9. FroFro

    Sick angelfish

    Now I want to put out there that these ARE NOT MY ANGELFISH. They are my father's and I am posting for advice on his behalf. Any angry lectures or criticism that is not actually helpful to this post is not welcome. The story: A little over a month ago I upgraded to a 60 gallon tank and last...
  10. FroFro

    Angelfish pair seperated

    I have one pair of mated angels in my community tank. I had to put my male in quarantine after he got a shallow cut across his side. I think he might have gotten into a scuffle with my BN pleco and she cut him with her little hooks. Anyway I can tell my female angel is going to spawn soon by her...
  11. FroFro

    Another pair of mated angels

    My first set of mated angels I had is gone. Of the remaining three I've noticed typical "courting" behavior. I know it isn't fighting because their tubes have been down for two days now and they're definately male and female. The other female seems to try and attract the males attention...
  12. FroFro

    Parasites on tank

    I posted previously but got little help. I also have an update. There seem to be 2 types of parasites in my ten gallon tank. One looks like a tiny white spec that darts through the water and along surfaces. Another is a tiny white worm that looks like a tiny thin piece of white thread. I've only...
  13. FroFro

    Little white specs in tank?

    I just noticed my ten gallon tank I've been running has these VERY tiny, small white things that seem to dart in order to move. I tried taking a photo but they are so small my camera can't focus on them. I read a few other forum posts after googling that they be copepods but I'm not sure. The...
  14. FroFro

    2 or 3 way divided tank?

    The Story: I've had a ten gallon tank, with some reused filter media from my main tank, cycling since the beginning of may. The only inhabitant has been one of my mystery snails to keep those white tufts from developing on the new wood pieces I bought. So far she has done a wonderful job. I...
  15. FroFro

    Suggested tank dividers

    After finally moving into the new house and bringing my tanks over (as well as the now, complete, cycled ten gallon) I thought myself ready for some betta. I bought my first and let him enjoy the tank while I waited for the tank divider I ordered to get mailed. It was my understanding that it...
  16. FroFro

    Angels Currently Spawning!

    I had the chance to observe my angels cleaning a leaf and knew it would soon be time. I'm currently uploading the videos to a youtube account, I'll update with links/photos soon! I'm super excited and I hope to hand raise the fry, any advice on egg care while I wait for this dumb video to...
  17. FroFro

    Mated angels ready?

    As this is the first pair of mated angels I've ever owned, I have a few observations and questions. I noticed this morning at lights on that my Koi angel is slightly rounder than normal. I havent fed since wednesday night and the other angels are not plump at all. I never actually SAW my angels...
  18. FroFro

    Angel Eggs

    Well... they've done it. Came home from a shift at work to find this. The only change I've made (if it matters) to my usual routine was adding Bug Bites Tropical formula to their regular feedings after reading suggestions for it on other forums I lurk on. I have noticed increased vibrancy...
  19. FroFro

    Pleco and fruit?

    So far the only luck I've had with veggies is spinach, zucchini, yellow squash, and sweet potato but only AFTER I boiled it for a few minutes and let it cool. She seems to have an interest in cucumber and celery, but after I read these are not very nutritional I chose to not use them. I read...
  20. FroFro

    Melting amazon sword

    I've had this sword in my tank for almost a year now. It was originally in a tube and its leaves melted away as it adapted to being submerged. For a few weeks I was having a lot of new growth and the sword doubled in size, but then started melting again and all the new growth seems to melt away...