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  1. howard_hopkinson

    A. Fry

    I have floating water sprite plants and my platy fry are doing very well, maybe too well lol
  2. howard_hopkinson

    VOTE NOW!..Fishforums February 2020 Fish of the Month

    Here is a pic of my male German blue ram. He's around 12 months old and is a very well behaved Chap. He has paired with my female GBR and she has laid eggs a couple of times but the eggs never seem to make it to the wiggler stage despite the parents being attentive.
  3. howard_hopkinson

    Price of corydoras

    My Amandajanea cory's were for sale at £23 each or 3 for £60, but they only had 4 left so I bought the lot for £60 which I thought was a great deal.
  4. howard_hopkinson

    When do you think my platy will give birth?

    How many male platys do you have? It's quite important to have at least 3 or 4 female platys to each male so they don't get constantly bullied by the amerous males. female platys can also store sperm for months on end and have sevral broods as a results.
  5. howard_hopkinson

    I love to make pictures of insects

    I also love macro insect photography as well as wildlife in general and astrophotography.
  6. howard_hopkinson

    Water Sprite haven for platy fry

    As promised, here is a short video showing platy fry in water sprite.
  7. howard_hopkinson

    Water Sprite haven for platy fry

    Cheers mate, I'm back now but definitely a bit worse for wear lol. I'll attempt to get the video done tomorrow once my hangover has subsided.
  8. howard_hopkinson

    Water Sprite haven for platy fry

    I will try and make a video but it won't be until tomorrow as I'm just about to go out for a few beers!
  9. howard_hopkinson

    Water Sprite haven for platy fry

    17 days ago I purchased 3 small pots of Water Sprite. I took the plants out of the pots, removed all the padding/material from the roots and gently rinsed the plants in Luke warm water. I then added the plants to my tank floating. 17 days later and the plants have more than trebled in size. It...
  10. howard_hopkinson

    What Type Of Livebearers Do You Keep,

    I have 11 platy's of different colours one of which was born in my aquarium and survived to being a young adult.
  11. howard_hopkinson

    Dead fish with no belly?

    Yes, the other fish will have started eating him. Sometimes a fish dies and no body is ever found due to other fish eating it.
  12. howard_hopkinson

    Forum issues

    Run an internet speed test and let us know the results of upload and download speeds. Also, what browser are you using? And which if any antivirus programme you use? I have a 110Mb download and 10Mb upload speed and the forum is always nice and quick for me, I use Firefox as my browser.
  13. howard_hopkinson

    Winner!...Fishforums January 2020 Tank of the Month

    Congrats Russjw on your deserved TOTM win. Your tank is stunning!
  14. howard_hopkinson

    Snails ?

    I have several colourful Zebra Nerite snails in my 240L planted aquarium and they do a fine job of cleaning. Nerite snails don't breed in freshwater although they do still lay eggs but the eggs never hatch.
  15. howard_hopkinson

    Heater broke

    Wrapping the tank in blankets or whatever else you have that you think will help reduce heat loss.
  16. howard_hopkinson

    Heater broke

    Don't forget to try and insulate your tank, otherwise you'll end up doing water changes quite frequently.
  17. howard_hopkinson

    Heater broke

    Do you know anyone who may have a spare heater you could borrow until you can buy a replacement heater? If not, your only option is to do water changes making sure to bring the fresh water up to the temperature you need using a mixture of hot & cold water and to try and insulate your tank using...
  18. howard_hopkinson

    Maybe a bit creepy!

    This is me, the pic was taken about 5 years ago at my sons wedding, hence the suit lol.
  19. howard_hopkinson

    Hello, from Mississippi

    Welcome to TFF AquaticBob. The hobby has moved on quite a bit in the last 20 years or so, but the basics are pretty much the same. If you have any questions I'm sure the fine folks here will always do their best to help.
  20. howard_hopkinson

    Winner!..Fishforums December 2019 Fish of the Month

    Congrats Krib32 a well deserved FOTM winner.