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  1. Gill

    Long Time No Talk

    So I have not been on here in what seems like a few years, kind of lost touch with people on here. Easily done, as have been concentrating on the planted side and researching researching researching. Was reminded last night that I should let those that remember me, That I am now the Store...
  2. Gill

    What Would You Buy

    So in Prep for Hols in Feb, I have been compiling a List of things to buy while In India. Last time there were only a few LFS and managed to visit 1 after alot of Searching with my Brother In Law. Looking at the Yellow pages for where I will be staying there are alot more open now. So choice...
  3. Gill

    The Reclamation

    Just finished scpaing this. Tank is a Novelty Lightbulb ( i think about 30ml) Substrate: what was let over from another tank Hardscape: Bogwood shards, Empty Nerite Shell Planting: Riccia and 2 Sprigs of HC Lighting: Ikea LED Desk Lamp Heating: USB Cup Warming Heat Matt
  4. Gill

    Multies + Blue Mickey Mouse Platties

    Posting for a Friend Livestock: Neolamprologus multifasciatus Quantity for sale: 6 Reason for Sale: concentrating on livebearers and tangs Delivery or Collection: collection Sales price: bidding only Postage & Packaging: n/a Location: Coventry Photograph: multies info...
  5. Gill

    For Sale - Male Giant Fighter

    Livestock: Blue Giant Male Fighter Quantity for sale: 1 Reason for Sale: Going On Holiday Delivery or Collection: Collection Sales price: £10 Postage & Packaging: N/A Location: Coventry Photograph: WIll add some He Is a Bruiser of a Fighter and has a Very Moody Face. I have 1 Male Giant...
  6. Gill

    Platinum Halfbeak Fry

    Quick Vid of the Fry I managed to Net out and Save. Feeding on Crushed Micro Pellets and Daphnia
  7. Gill

    Black Morpho Tetra, Kolibri Tetra

    Just seen that these will be available at the december auction in Redditch. Tey look very unusual and wondering if anyone has experience of keeping them. Been reading, and no good ffor my water unless RO used. but look interesting
  8. Gill

    Pico Canister Filter

    Was asked to Post the Build In here. Here is a Link to the Album. Pico Canister I Used Hot Glue to Glue All the Peices together and It Works Great. The Inlet and Outlet Look Very Nice and The Flow from the Spray bar can Be Adjusted from a Dial on the Pump. There is still a Bit of Air in...
  9. Gill

    The Barren

    Not been on here of late. This has been going for a while now. A Full Write up of its progress in over on Ukaps. Here is a Link to the PB Album The Barren And Yes the Filter inlet/Spraybar are made out of the Barrel of a Pen Video
  10. Gill

    Oh Yeah - New Giants

    This Morning I went to Maidenhead Aquatics in Earlswood to get some Gobies and Crystal Red Shrimp. And While browsing what do i Spy. A tank full of Proper Giant Bettas. I call one of the guys iver and ask if they are the same pric 2 for £5.00- I then Spot a Gorgeous Male in with the females so...
  11. Gill

    Closing Down Sale

    After nearly 12 Years R+S Aquatics will be closing its doors at the end of the month. There are only 5 Tanks with fish for sale, and some reptiles left. All Tanks Fixtures and Stock has been heavily reduced. 4foot Tanks - £5 5 Foot Tanks *3 Divided into 15" sections - £15 18" tanks £2.50 Syphon...
  12. Gill

    I Missed Keeping Shrimp

    I have been missing keeping shrimp for a while. And As i set up a New larger Tank (6.2G is large to me, as I have been Focusing on tanks under2G). Decided to collect a group of Cherry shrimps from a friend in Nuneaton - Nearly Every Room in his house has atleast 6 Tanks. Have been watching...
  13. Gill


    Due to unforseen change in circumstances last night, I am Moving on Monday and need to sell everthing before we go. For Sale: = OPen To Offers over £20.00 1.1G Pico Comes with Azoo Mignon 60 Filter, Planted with Peacock and Java Moss. Waterhome 3 9Watt Light + Fixing Bracket Mixed...
  14. Gill

    All Gone - All Fish Gone To Lfs

    Due to unforseen change in circumstances last night, I am Moving on Monday and need to sell everthing before we go. 3.1G = Open to Offers over £40.00 Aqua one clearview 280 HOB filter Large peice of Bogwood with Java Moss Attached Soem Anubias BArteri Loads of Java Moss, Some Bunches of...
  15. Gill

    Your 1St Tank On Tff

    So After Spending a Few hours looking thru ancient pix i found on here. Here is my 1st tank from February 2004, Complete with Metalic Gold Silk Plants, Plastic Ivy, Plastic Roses and Wedding Cake Blue Roses. .
  16. Gill

    Whoops - Apologies William

    I have been wondering why I have a Funny Message whenever I am Posting or replying. Saying Something about 25.12meg of Images and allowance 14.0meg. So this afternoon I was having alook thru my settings and found a Manage Attachments Tab. Low an Behold there were 45 pages of images. Spent the...
  17. Gill

    What Does This Mean

    Just had this message while using the back button.
  18. Gill

    Editing Glitch

    Just noticed yesterday when i wanted to edit a spelling mistake. Clicking on the Edit and Save Changes or Use Full Editor Does Nothing.
  19. Gill

    Japanese Blue Bottom/top Swords

    Went round some LFS' Yesterday and Found Rosedale Aquatics in Whitnash. They have them Priced at only £1.40 Each and they are VV Nice
  20. Gill

    Found - Black Toraja Goby

    Today I went on An LFS Trip with DevUk and AndyH from Ukaps. We Went to Maidenhead aquatics in Shirley. They had a tank with some of the most stunning gobies I have Ever Seen. They Looked like a typical Stocky Goby, But were VV Dark Royal Blue I remember they were called "tetro" something, but...