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  1. LyraGuppi

    Where to go next

    I'm cycling a 10 gallon. It's heavily planted, with its plants, driftwood, filter, and substrate all from established aquariums. Here's the levels so far: Where do I go next with this aquarium?
  2. LyraGuppi

    Is it worth it?

    Pardon the graininess, my hand, and the towel. I’m descaling and cleaning the 20 gallon tall for my two bettas (divided tank, not together!), but I noticed something odd in the seals. It looks like the silicon is receding? I can pull up the silicon with my fingernail almost anywhere I want...
  3. LyraGuppi

    Crowntail Duo

    (Apologies if this thread gets photo heavy. The post below was supposed to be posted yesterday, but my neighbor's fireworks weren't as loud as I thought, and I had some issues uploading pictures. Hopefully everything works now.) The same relative I got the 55 gallon aquarium from also had three...
  4. LyraGuppi

    55 Gallon Multis

    I have been planning this tank for months, and finally, it's arrived! The tank was originally my relatives', used for reptiles and baby quails. The inner silicone seal (not the adhesive between the panes) had been ripped off, and the stand didn't have any handles, but otherwise, the tank was in...
  5. LyraGuppi

    Resealed tank, things to look for?

    I just resealed a new 55 gallon tank, I'm going to be leak testing it today and tomorrow. Is there anything I should look for, besides water leaking out? Any small signs that the seal is weak, or will leak in the future?
  6. LyraGuppi

    Will this harm nitrifying bacteria?

    I've got a spare sponge filter in my 90gal that I'll need to borrow for my 20gal. The water I use in the 90 gallon is 6.6 pH, and around 35 ppm hardness. The water from my 20gal is at or over 8.0 (I've got a high range pH test coming, but the normal range has always shown 8), and somewhere at or...
  7. LyraGuppi

    Preparing branches for aquarium

    Does anyone here have tips for preparing tree branches for an aquarium? There's been some pretty bad storms where I am, and today a hawthorn tree fell over in my backyard. The branches I cut off are green, I just cut the leaves off a few minutes ago. They're currently sitting out in the sun...
  8. LyraGuppi

    IAL vs Oak

    I'm planning a 10 gallon blackwater for a betta. Which leaf should I use? Do the benefits between them differ? I can collect oak for free, but I would have to sterilize it. IAL is a little expensive for a long term aquarium.
  9. LyraGuppi

    Tips for large re-aquascape

    There isn't a time where I walk by my 90 gallon without making some form of disappointed noise. I hate what I did with the hardscape. It's got no dimension, it's hard to work with, etc. So how do I go about fixing it? I've got a ton of questions, and a load of time before I'm actually going to...
  10. LyraGuppi

    From sponge to HOB

    For a new tank, I've decided an HOB filter would look better for the aquascape, versus the sponge filter I have. I've been running the sponge filter in another cycled tank for a few months now, would it be suitable to cut the sponge and use it in the HOB? I'm looking into either an AquaClear 50...
  11. LyraGuppi

    What would be best for these fish?

    I have a twenty gallon with 6 zebra danios and around 14 Multifasciatus cichlids (6 adults, the rest are fry or juvi). In hopefully a month, I'm going to be upgrading them all to what I believe is a fifty gallon. (I'm getting it from a relative, and that's what they've said it is. I haven't...
  12. LyraGuppi

    Best filter for QT tank

    What is the best filter for a quarantine tank?
  13. LyraGuppi

    Multifasciatus updates

    The female Multi in my 20 gallon has only one fry this time around, instead of her usual 3-5. The little guy is very shy, so it's very hard to get a picture. It's a miracle I ever got the one above! This is one of the first fry that the female raised. I think it's a little female as well...
  14. LyraGuppi

    20gal Stocking Questions

    I'm (at long last) getting ready to move and swap tanks around, I need some advice on stocking my 20 (US) gallon. I'm hoping to make it heavily planted with a single betta. The dimensions, L/W/H, are 24/12/15 in. Should I put a bottom dweller in this tank? I was looking into kuhli loaches or...
  15. LyraGuppi

    Concerns about pleco

    Do I need to be concerned about my BN Pleco feeding on dead fish? I noticed a diamond tetra was missing today and found it half eaten in the pleco's cave. It very rarely happens (the tank is stable, all levels are good), but I know he'll be the first one to find a corpse.
  16. LyraGuppi

    Valentine's Day Rams

    I was feeding the 90 gallon fish when I found that two of my bolivian rams had made a nest! I don't doubt that the eggs won't make it, but it was fascinating to watch their parenting. These guys are likely the best first time parents I've ever had. There wasn't any excessive aggression, or...
  17. LyraGuppi

    API gH test confusion

    I tried to test the gH levels in the water in my 90 gallon today, but I'm having some problems with the test. It says to count how many drops of reagent turns the water from orange to green. The water I use in the 90 gallon is 6.6 pH, and unknown hardness. The water from my tap (that I use for...
  18. LyraGuppi

    Filter Media Smell

    Sorry if this is a weird question, but what is filter media supposed to smell like? The sponges from my 90 gallon smell earthy, but nothing overwhelming or strong. I haven't been doing water changes as much as I should be (shame on me, I know), so I'm just double checking to make sure nothing is...
  19. LyraGuppi

    Autopsy for small fish

    Does anyone have any advice on how to perform an autopsy on a betta? Plumley has had some form of fluid buildup for about a month, internally, which didn't react to any medication. He finally slowed down to the point where I think he'll die in the next day or so. I'm going to try to euthanize...
  20. LyraGuppi

    Multifasciatus Fry

    The four multi fry finally grew large enough (about half a cm) for the camera to pick them up:       And mom, wondering what I was doing to her kids:     Pictures left large out of laziness since the fry are so tiny.